Building A Better Brand: How To Win The Social Media Game

Building a brand is the most important aspect of winning the online game. After a brand is built it must be effectively distributed along all of the online mediums. The most important fundamental aspect of brand is as simple as how you interact with others. Things as big as an epic blog post or as small as a two word comment on another blog are crucial keys to the success of a brand. But a brand is more that that. A brand must also be strong. Never be afraid to step on another person's toes. What I mean by this is be fearless when you respond to other people. Just because some people hate you should not mean that you should change your brand. You may just be weeding them out of your circle. Your circle is the online social community that is built around your life feeds online. Sites like the face book and friend feed for example bring your life together. Do not be afraid to become friends with people here who you really do not know in real life. Your online life is your capital. The longer you know people online and the stronger your bonds the better you will be. This is what makes staying in the game crucial. Never delete a site just because you are out of stuff to say or do. Just monetize it to keep the ship afloat and come back later if necessary.


The Marketing Revolution Tools

When we decide to make money online the right tools make a big difference. Some of the tools of the trade are the best affiliate companies. A good affiliate company is a beautiful cash cow. Here are a few good affiliate programs:

Best Buy

Team Cyber Med

HD Publishing

Dark Blue

Share Results


Affiliate Marketing Is The Bread and Butter of The Make Money Online Industry

Pay per click is a great way of making money online. Affiliate advertising is even better. There are many reasons for this. Because there is less control on ads served in ppc few people have the ability to truly rock it. With affiliate marketing people can sell stuff from their blog, or make a profitable product site. Affiliate marketing is actually easier than people think. Pay per click for instance can not monetize social media like affiliate advertising can. PPC does not have a long tail like affiliate advertising does. And PPC does not have percentage sale payouts like affiliate advertising does. In the percentage of sale game the affiliate advertisement will if you are patient get cleaned out. This is much akin to a store where one person comes in and purchases a lot of stuff. This happens online as well. Why would this occur? People have deadlines and a life. They need stuff quick. The Internet has the fast delivery. As the make money online crowd uses high quality affiliate programs they can be assured that their traffic only comes across the best products. In some ways we all win. That is what is so satisfying about online affiliate advertising. Just think of yourself as the modern door to door sales person. I Love Affiliate advertising. Some affiliate advertising companies may include:

Forex Affiliate

Affiliate Window

Affiliate Bot

Azoogle Ads

More Niche

Revenue Gateway


Headline Of The Week: When Affiliates Unite Money Is Made and The World is Saved!

I rarely get a good feeling when I think about affiliate programs but Affiliates United is the exception to the rule. Affiliates United has a cool rotator of the companies that use it. Affiliates United has a cool picture of a car. And Affiliates United has the coolest website that I have seen in my entire life. Check it out. Get a great affiliate program and make money online. For every affiliate page you have out you are one step closer to being extremely wealthy my friends. This ain't a joke.


The Art of Affiliate Marketing: The Devil is in the Details

Who knew there was a big art market? Well there is. Art sells for big bucks. Also one of the hottest affiliate programs on the net is courtesy of I love affiliate programs and I love art. It is a match made in heaven!


Is Flexoffers.Com An Affiliate Advertising Company?

Yes it is. Flex Offers looks pretty cool too. Interestingly enough Flex Offers has offers that are built for product review sites. Which is cool.


Search Engine Optimization is Very Much A People Game

Many bloggers and website owners play big into the google game. This is smart. Google can control a lot of traffic that comes in. But also playing into your visitors you can many times get more results than just leveraging google. Nicholas Prudhon has a very good seo site to study.

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