Tech Jobs Are Decreasing But Tech Sales Are Up

Twitter is in sights of google. This has been the king tech meme of the moment. I remember last year thinking google would never want to buy twitter. This was the time of the microsoft yahoo negotiations. I think this would be smart on google's part and generate many revenue streams for google including monetizing life streams. In light of these major movements of money and many tech companies doing good, the technology industry overall is loosing some weight. I still can't tell if I love these economic times or hate them. My condolences go out to people loosing their jobs. Personally I have been taking advantage of market value in stocks, trades, realestate, and other investments. Now is a good time for business my friends. If you have been laid off of the tech industry now is the time to use your skills and go out on your own. I agree times suck but we are lucky to know of this amazing technology. It may save our lives literally.


Some Online Computer Coupon Websites To Check Out

I am always looking for coupons. If you are too than try these sites. I am not sure how they size up to any other coupon site but definitely check them out.

Cheap Stingy Bargains

Coupon Mountain

XP Bargains

Deal Catcher

I am not sure where I was going with this but I do know that all 4 of these coupon sites may have coupons for stuff like computers, gadgets, and gizmodos which are the utensils of the Internet business revenue professional. On an unrelated but similar note I have lately been reading the blog Coolest Gadgets and have been getting a lot of good info from it. And finally probably getting a free computer is probably the ultimate so you may want to check out this sweet deal below.


Save Money With Dell Computers

Dell is a basic yet affordable computer. If you consider what the average computer user spends in fees like for regular Internet access the chips add up. While apple has paved the way for computers that cost more than many people's property dell has moved along quietly making value computers. In reality as Steve Ballmer CEO of Microsoft points out the fact that windows based products like dell have the vast majority of the market share. This is phenomenal considering the marketing genius it takes to sell an apple computer at astronomical prices. People who are getting a dell on the other hand are looking for a reliable computer that suites their computing needs. It is no secret that Microsoft is far more compatible with the general Internet. People on the apple side of the argument tend to emphasize how much better the mac is. In reality I like the Microsoft products because they last longer and cost less. When they do break I can replace the dell for not a lot of money so I generally feel better with my self. If I purchased for example the mac book I would probably feel really bad about the loss of the money. Macs are great for computer masters, but if you are looking for general value look into dell. Dell is a fun simple computer that really takes me back to the 90s when sticky bear typing was all the rage. And I sucked at it. Well its 2009 and I still can't type. But I think dells are pretty tight. I dig the new dell.


The Future Of Blogs IS Mobile Blogging (Article)

Many people ask where the Internet and blogging are going. I am a firm believer that the inclusion of diverse apps, multimedia functions like video, and good touch pad navigation is making mobile phones the blogging medium of choice. People can upload things onto blogs and leave a quick blurb anywhere. The increased popularity of sites like twitter and tumblr, I suspect will further heighten the popularity of the microblogging medium. The facebook for instance presents our life in this stream. People who are really into facebook have an app for everything especially things that help bring their content to the facebook or from the facebook onto other services. This I think is the future a kind of open id to anywhere for everybody. The technology that is bridging these gaps is reducing the need for people to do annoying things over and over again like back in the day watching those annoying spinney things for uploads till they stop and bam ready. Blogger for instance has been really big in the mobile blogging area. With the google phone, an iPhone, blackberry or any other smart phone I can shoot the content onto my blogs from anywhere. This is going to help gain the popularity of life stream type of content. As the technology to facilitate this improves and people better understand how to communicate their experiences mobile blogging will Begin to play a more active part in people's lives outside of the tech community or people of immediate interests to mobile technology. Wordpress is another active player in the mobile blogging scene.


Tax Tips For Small Business

There are many good ways to shave small business taxes. Business also has the ability to utilize its function to fit better into the tax structure. Unfortunately for people who work from home the tax poses unique challenges. The irs is a good site to check for tax news in the USA. Find the best deductions for you tax range. Businesses can get taxed bad or good. Please choose the good.


Tax Strategy

I hate taxes. Ask has a good article. Read it. I personally am a fan of putting one self into a tax free situation. For instance there are places where people can live and not pay taxes. These are tax free zones. Also some things to consider. Some places charge a lot of tax on purchases. I call this the late factor tax. Let us say that a person spends ten thousand a year on groceries and the food tax is 10 percent that would be 1,000 buck a year. Ouch! That is like enough money to buy an acre of land! And if you put that money into land you could probably get a farmers subsidy if the land is zoned correctly and you are farming it. I call this the benefit of being a farmer probably the most profitable industry on earth and the most tax friendly as well.


Taxes Steal Away The Dreams Of More Self Made Millionaires Than Anything I Can Think Of

Taxes are the devil literally. Tax tends to fall most heavily on the medium and low income folks creating holes they can never get out of. Because of this it is easier sell drugs then it is to work bagging groceries because 1 drugs make people more cash and more importantly 2 the income of drugs is under the tax radar. Wikipedia has a very good article on tax resistance. In reality the best way to beat taxes is tax redirection. Pay the tax in such a way that it benefits you somehow. For example auditing a section to charity, putting income into things like insurance policies that are nothing more than thinly masked tax havens, and giving the money as gifts to people so they can give back to you somehow and the tax is effectively dodged. Always do this legally. Mask your income my friends. There are ways. You may also want to read the website Pay No Income Tax.


Getting The Word Out In 90 Minuites

Putting you name out there is very important. There are many forms of advertising and some of the best are free or at least tax deductible. For example contributing a large sum to a charity is a simple feel good advertising. Best of all this large sum is tax deductible. So charity advertising is alot like free advertising. The charity may dig this because it is like free money. And hence we have the economy of charities. So how can we apply this online. I call it the principle of give and take. Become friends with other business owners and bloggers. Collaborate with each other. Have them write a piece on you. People will usually do this for free if you add them as a friend and are a respectful member of the community. A big free advertising opportunity is in product review posts. All search engines, aggregators, companies, and social communities aggregate information on specific web products. The aggregation is often a confusing web page of directory links, advertising, and news items. It is not hard to ping your way onto these pages. When you get on them look out. Free traffic my friends! What makes these aggregators even more effective is that they will pop your advertising codes onto these pages. You will get advertising hits without even getting impressions. Other forms of advertising include broadcasting things on social communities. A broadcast is merely a message. Many of your friends will have their email tuned to what the online social community is doing. As a result you not only broadcast your product or blog with advertising but you are also doing an effective form of email marketing. Try having a giveaway or contest in these place. Broadcast a lot and you will annoy some people but others will start to like you for using the social media for its intended purposes which is online marketing. Stop making those people richer giving them your best content and views. Just exploit the social media to sell your product, sites, or businesses. The Internet is very simple in that regard. I call this the function of just do it. Just Do It is a famous call to action slogan that has found its way into the lives of many people. This is subliminal marketing. Just Do It for example may refer to playing sports or buying pricey products. You be the judge but without some trick or call to action many forms of marketing can be utterly useless so just do it my friends. - Motorcylce/Motorcoss Helmets, Boots, Pants and Jerseys at sale prices.


Market Yourself On The Facebook

The facebook is one of the best places to market one self. The facebook has numbers applications and ways to incorporate everything. You can pull all of your feeds into facebook, join hot clubs, and chat with friends all at the same time. No other site that I know of brings so much technology onto the plate and its all free of costs.


Google Needs To Make A Twitter Clone

Google and twitter are two of the biggest names in the online game right now. It seems though like everyone wants to buy twitter. According to rumors twitter had been window shopped by seemingly any company with the ability to buy twitter and run it. If google buys twitter I only wonder what will happen to the earth? Some people have opinions.


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