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Do Blogs Work

Nope. People work for blogs. It takes a person to tweak a blog, type a blog, and read a blog. It takes a person to prepare a post, edit a post, and post a post. It takes a person. That is what blogging is all about. People. Blogging is an art, blogging is communication, and blogging is a gift much like a radio signal or a sunset. Blogging is something many people understand and relate to. Blogging is inspiring. We can learn from blogging. Just type your question into Google and be prepared to be taken to a great blog. Blogs are all about us. Blogs are our experience. People on TV just want your money. I feel blogs strive for human communication, writing, media, and all forms. Blogging is a synergy. Blogs are what that person playing guitar in front of the coffee shop feels. Blogging is powerful like space travel. We look for aliens, we stick flags in the moon and we blog. We send signals out into the cosmos and we blog. We explore the deepest oceans and we blog. We read blogs. We write blogs. We communicate on blogs. More people read blogs than anything else these days. That is how blogs work. On this site for instance many I do not know thousands of people have seen my writing, videos and pictures. In school I busted my own chops to do a lot of work. No body read it. Well these thousands or millions of people who read this blog do appreciate it more than anything I have ever done. That is because blogging is where it is at. This has nothing to do with me or my ego or my desire to make money online at all costs. Blogging is just cool and special. It works on us. Blogging is a soul journey. I am not asking you to waste your life reading blogs but rather just affirm that these blogs exist and that they are cool!


Do Blogs Cost Money

Blogs do cost money. Even free services like Blogger have a price. For example a person using blogger uses time, may have to pay for Internet service, may have to pay for computer or mobile device to blog on , etc. Bloggers can use advertising to effectively alleviate hosting fees for people who blog on the scripts like Wordpress. Blogging is a cost benefit analysis. Also according to a technorati state of the blogosphere report bloggers were spending more and more money on their blogs. They may spend money on themes, design, AdWords, features, software, toolbars and anything else to be successful blogging and in social media. Blogging is a mony sport my friends. But the benefits are many. I believe that people who stick with blogging will make more money than they spend, will forge deep interpersonal relationships with other people, will gain access to jobs, will have their voice be heard, and receive numerous other benefits as well. Blogging is a gift and it is a community. Be smart with your money but also give blogging a try.


Do Blogs Help SEO

The great question is, what are your SEO goals? A blog may dilute the keywords of the page you already have, but may also send a lot of traffic from a variety of key words. Key word targeted blogs, can actually help SEO. If you want to convert on particular key words, or get major traffic to a specific thing, blogging is a great tool. Blogs can bring content to the top of the search pile, and can drive traffic to websites long after any post is made. Blogging can help SEO, if done right.


How Blogs Started

The Internet had its many early adaptors. You may be included in this category. The early days of the Internet people were making websites and businesses and breaking boundaries. E Commerce sites with reviews became major hot beds of user generated information. This is how much of online technology is built out of necessity, and inevitability. Blogs of all types were quickly born out of the ashes of the super tech surges of the 80s and 90s. (The first blog existed probably long before the dates often sited) Bloggers wanted to figure out ways to put information of things that they did day to day and other stuff online. Creating the blog format, and feeds like rss through programming was relatively speaking a natural progression built on the technological frame work of the time and even today. The popularity of blogging quickly spread and soon groups of people with open source projects, and companies hoping to cash in on this new found technology grew daily. As the ability to make money from blogs grew so to was the willingness of people to spend time creating content. It did not take long before blogging would take off. Even in the early days people knew just as we know today how powerful the Internet is!


Why Blogs Are Useful

Blogs are extremely useful to bloggers. Blogs drive traffic to advertising and business. As a result there is a direct correlation to money made and blogging done. Readers of blogs take in information, participate in the community, and promote their own things. From a larger perspective blogs are the new thing. They shape lives of people, empower people, and enact change on the world much like anything on earth. The computer is increasingly the mode that is bringing real people together to solve real problems. These dilemmas include things as simple as I need money, I need a job, to as complex as discovering new energy in the universe, and answering the question is there life out there. Bloggers have a unique obligation to themselves and to other people to be more truthful and more open minded because of the unfiltered mode of the media. If I say something that is bad or other people disagree I will hear about it. If I make a poor case people will fill in the better answers. And if I try to brainwash people I will hear about it. Blogging is probably because of this one of the more honest forms of writing there is. People can push and pull, manipulate the dreams of others but there will always be the counter argument and a community of people coming to new conclusions and solving new problems. Because of this blogs move information around the world quickly so it can evolve.


Why Is My Blog Not On Google

I hear this a lot. People have trouble getting their content onto google and other search engines. This can happen for a variety of reasons. The first and most common reason is that people put into feed burner or into their blog options to not index their website. This can sometimes just happen as an error too. People often see a money making blog go to no money over night. The second most common reason can be where the blog is made. Some blogging platforms are closed off to the Internet. Because of this people can blog for their friends but the content is not open to spiders and robots that collect google search materials. The third most common reason for not being indexed is a fatal flaw in the coding, programming, template or anywhere else on the blog. There are certain things that the spiders may pick up and are commanded to leave a site or feed alone. Search engines pick up sites relatively quickly so the whole concept of wait a month or whatever is going around is absolutely ludicrous. Find the problem and fix it.


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