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I love viral video. Video is the future I suspect. Will video replace writing? No. Will video be much more important than it is now? Definitely. So what are the great video sites out there? You know one's where we can make videos and money at the same time. Maybe Share A Flick is a contender. It caters to people like me that think more about the money than anything else. I am not shallow. I am not a moneyholic. I am merely a person who is in the game of financial empowerment. Ummm YES.


Viral Video Marketing Survey

I am always curious to ask these people who make these videos how much money do they make? The answer is in many cases a lot. People find their way onto TV, into music and other talents. Online video is the best way to get discovered. Being proficient is a great way to keep the fame going once you get it and have a lasting career. Perez Hilton for example has a very viral career. He gets to sit back and watch the mill destroy people while his own career seems to get better every day. Perez Hilton as a blogger and celebrity gets bigger than ever. Perez is a cult figure. Marketing obviously or not so obviously is a key driver in his success. He came up quick and stays up. I think his story is both an inspiration and lesson to marketers everywhere. Branding Branding Branding. And did I mention BRANDING? Branding makes lasting success. Branding builds viral viscosity. We need brands and we need them bad. Well back to the viral video marketing survey. I read somewhere that advertising money going into viral video is going mad up. Why not be your own ad is my question. I say we gots to promote ourselves. Would not that be cool? No really that is what viral video is our own ad. It can drive the people to our site where we can set the trap with some good stuff.


Viral Video Film School

I was thinking about that while watching a video on Current by the channel name of that. Can viral video really be taught? All I know is what the guru's say. That is if the video is not promoting something it is absolutely pointless no matter how many hits it gets. I have noticed this on all types of sites the level of talent going into pictures and videos only to be promoting nothing? Personally I like to see URLs in the description of every video. I like to see URLs in the channel page and really on everything that a person does or I start to think how rich are they getting the video site for nothing in return? Think about it. Promote your brand do not promote that of these trillionaires. They have enough lemmings doing this.


Affiliate Scams

There are a lot of people online trying to make money teaching people how to make money. Much of this is an elaborate scam. Do not fall victim my friends. Most people reading this get my gist but with the dollar ruling everything there is no reason why people would not want to scam. Pulling off a scam is rewarded with money, and success. Then everyone else in the community pets these spammers in the back and tote their books even more. The news papers pick up and praise the books so the news papers can grab an affiliate sale as well. We live in a money worshiping world. There may also be money in telling it like it is. That is what this blog Internet Business Revenue Pro is all about. Keeping it real and honest. I do not want to lead people on or sell delusions. So I say look out and do not buy into that get rich quick stuff. Also check out Scam dot com its a cool site.


Blog SEO

Blogging for search engines is a great way to make money. Pay per click advertising is actually kinda the act of advertisers buying search spots rather than the content of the particular blog that the ads are served on. Throw some small squares, squares, and large rectangles into the side bar/picture section of the post of your blog or website and see what the ppc revolution is all about. Play into search engines if you love counting money. There are a few classic search reads out there. They are:

1. Seomoz

2. Wolf Howl

3. Seo Book

4. Blog Seo

5. Jameseo

6. Daily Seo Blog

7. Matt Cutts who may work for google?

8. Black Hat Seo

There are many more seo sites out there and many good. SEO in general is what google and the other engines think of sites and how the sites can be changed. People do everything from plugging out bounding links, to fixing the meta tags and removing errors in their template. SEO is much deeper than any one mistake. A major thing to not do is some how spam the engines and expect to get away with it forever. Google for example makes more money the better the search becomes so it is in their interest to tweak the algorythms in such a way that as many bad sites get knocked out of the main pages of any particular search. This does not mean that bad sites can and do make it in. A major key in seo is not to be scared just make a good website or blog and you should do great.


10 Ways To Increase Blog Traffic By 18.9%

So your blog freaking rules! But where are all of the people. It seems like other blogs that really are no good get all of the traffic and comments. Worst of all they brag about making a thousand dollars on AdSense in an hour. What is a person to do? These are ten simple steps to follow to get more and more traffic to your blog.

1. Burn your feed with feed burner. Throw up the subscriber Chiclets. Tweak all of the options. Make feed burner ping all of the hottest services so people actually know what you are doing up to the second.

2. When you post ping your blog. Most blogging mediums ping automatically. Blogger pings to only one service. In this case pingomatic is super important. Hitting pingomatic after every post will drive more good ad clicking traffic on board. If you have word press this is automatically done unless you turned it off. In this case find other pinging services like auto pinger, ping my blog and bpinger. Submit that blog to search engines with free web submission for instance. All of these pinging services, directory submissions and search submissions are major tipping points where a blog can go from obscurity to notoriety in one second. Just do it.

3. Leverage social media. The best sites for promotion are consistently digg, twitter, facebook, myspace, reddit, delicious, mixx, technorati, blog catalog, zimbio, squidoo among others. Get to popular social media sites. Add people as friends. Spread the word. Do self promotional broadcasts, pod casts and blog posts. Winning social media is a major deal. Google can hate you but if you have social media you have something.

4. Post on exact google key phrases. Many great photographers for example have great sets that are not well rooted in key words. As a result hardly a soul sees their sets online. Just type stuff into google and see suggestions. Study your web analytics. Go to other search engines and social search to see what are hot keywords and tags. This research pays for itself and is in no way a waste of time. The difference between a blog rock star and the next annoying wanna be comes down to keyword density, seo, subject branding, and authority. Win it quick. Also effective tags helps people navigate your blog or site much easier.

5. Do not be afraid to sell stuff. Nothing is a hotter key word than these companies that are trying to sell things. Aggregators pick up on it and your page rank will increase just moving materials online. You will get richer and everything will be cool.

6. Bang out a lot of content. I guess if quality is lost could cost the blog traffic that comes back. Never the less people who really do a lot on a site over time will get alot of traffic, links and everything else. You can for instance write about your thoughts for a few years and become a top blog. Very little on the Internet goes more than a month so just pursing out 8 to 10 posts a day for years will make your blog a staple of social media, search engines, and you will have an active reader base.

7. React to other blog posts. The art of the blog reaction is one of the hottest big traffic drivers of the day. If you can really shake things up and impress the traffic that comes in you can often see big blog growth.

8. Leave comments on all of the high traffic blogs. Blog commenting is a major waste of time. But if you are reading the blog anyways try shaking stuff up. Get attention and you will get some more eyes on your site.

9. Focus on your sites design. Whether you spend the time or the money it is up to you. But better looking sites will get better attitudes as well of the people jumping on board.

10. Do not take blogging too seriously. There is way to much bad advice going around. Just try to make as much money as possible no matter what the liars out there tell you. People who make no money never never never want to see an ounce of success in someone else. Nothing is impossible my friends. Everything is improbably but hard work can bust up Dr. improbable and turn it into Dr. begone and finally into Dr. wham? Know these fools when you see em. Make money online because you deserve to be rich.


Blog Commenting

Commenting is extremely important. It may be a waste of time to comment on other blogs if you only want money. The reason for this is that you are just leaving stuff out there. On the other hand many people claim that commenting is vital. Leaving comments is a great way to get comments, drive link juice, leverage social media, and be a more important member of the blogosphere. Comments mean more than people think. Software like fast blog finder is definitely bringing together the whole comment leveraging aspects of commenting and making strategic commenting easier. The whole concept is that certain sites due to page rank on specific key words, active user base, and other factors are better to comment on. The software helps locate these sites so people can increase affiliate conversions which at the end of the day puts food on the table.


Blog Commenting Service

Getting blog comments is one of the single most important part of blogging. Comments are what turn a blog into a community. Comments are an indication of the level of reader engagement and overall legitimacy of the blog brand. Many people consider comments to be more important than subscribers, friends, or followers. The reason for this is that comments indicated people on the blog. There are many services out there to improve blog commenting. They are:

1. Little Dazzle

2. Halo Scan

3. Protect Web Form

4. Developer Hut Comments

5. Blog Spam Protection

6. Commentful

7. Disqus

8. Chat Catcher

9. Back Type

If you have anything else you want to add please leave a comment.


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