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Many blog and website experts claim that the easiest way of being successful online is through baby steps. I disagree. If you never want your site to be the best blog on earth than the odds of that going down are less. And with less odds comes less troubles. What I mean is that goals are important. Without goals we often learn what our priorities are and not to rush or take time too seriously. To become the best blogger on earth I suspect that there needs to be a lot of soul searching and some good marketing tricks as well. If you can not trick them then you have to real them and that is much harder. Money is made online by the belief that things can be found. Money is made by faith in advertising as a solution and that commerce is mad good too. A guru blogger who knows much more than I claimed that the key to winning the blog game is to win the awards. The Bobs is an award site my friends so this is your chance to shine. Please win.


Microblogging Services

Microblogging has swept the world. Have you heard of twitter? Twitter seems more important than any online social community now. The reasons includes twitter's fast growth and many surrounding it. Twitter is big like the word google AdSense or affiliate program. Twitter was made by the same people or person who created blogger. Who ever that is, is deffinitely on a major role in the programming field. Yammer is another micro blogging community. As you can see community is key in microblogging. Because people put out everything in small bits and everyone else is watching there is a small space. Microblogging brings the world together watching for the next post. So what are some other top tier microblogging services?

1. Tumblr aka the tumble log allows the interspersing of powerful feeds, the use of one's own domain, and a rich and powerful features make my wonder why I do not just blog a tumblr.

2. Jaiku is like twitter meets myspace which meets youtube etc.

3. Hictu

4. Naija Pulse

5. Sweetter

Many, many more microblogging services exist so it would be my deepest honor to turn it over to you to name every single one in the comments section. The people who successfully name the most are really special.


Bookmarking Websites List

Social bookmarking is the most important way to go viral. No body can argue with a group of people bookmarking your blog, your articles, your content, your videos, your video game design or whatever else you do online. Great blogs have a fortress of social bookmarks around them that defies even page rank for the best traffic getter this year. We have all heard of some of these sites like digg, delicious, reddit, mixx, to name a few, but what are some other wonderful social bookmarking communities? Here are a few:

1. diigo

2. Let's Business Network

3. My Business Community

4. Yahoo

5. I 89 US

6. Chip Mark

7. Scribd

8. Squidoo

9. Blog Marks

10. Clip Marks

11. Netscape

12. Dig My Page

13. Google has added many bookmarking functions to their search and other web properties.

I could compile a long list but I did not for a specific reason. I want you to search the world wide wonderful web for your own favorite social bookmarking site. When you find it come back to this post (after you bookmark it) and report back to the some odd billion readers that read this amazing website Internet Business Revenue pro what the second best site on the internet is.


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Businesses That Do Well In A Recession

Recession happens a lot and is the perfect storm to shut down business. Yet some types of business do pretty good. Traditionally the cited industries are health, legal, banking and other more essential things. Cheap food, shelter and the basic human needs are good places to look. Another one is Internet business because we can often try the niches as a recession happens and hopefully win.


Business Best Practices

The Internet definitely has its own best practices for business. One includes website organization, website communication, and website integration. All websites must communicate what they are all about. This helps people make sense of what they are seeing. Websites must have a reason and be good. For business that is a little more than a website check out business best practices.


Business Methods Analyst

Any business should be studied and analyzed to exploit what works. Online we have web analytics services like web trends and piwik to help us better understand what is happening on our website. Some web analytics are up to the second like whos on. When studying web analytics it is crucial to track all channels to understand who the active users are coming from. Some sites have a lot of traffic and many more inactive users while other sites may get one person a week who is an active user. The next question is why did these active users come. Whether it be social book marks, search engines or your YouTube promotional video it is very important to know these things.


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