Ethical Sales Techniques

The Internet is the wild west. People are not really looking out for each other. This is especially applicable to the make money online niche that will sell anything that does not work. The get rich quick books have been around since the beginning of money. It is a snake oil that never takes an honest look at the hard work that goes into being rich. When selling stuff we must also consider how capitalism hurts the environment in addition to people. Mother nature is definitely on the run and so are people. At the same time as an Internet marketer and seller how do we do this. The first choice may be checking out the website ethic L for a more ethical sales and buying experience. It would not hurt to own a 3g IPhone either!


Blogs That Sell Things

Blogs that sell things are the most profitable type of blog. This makes logical sense because it is much harder to just monetize content. Common things that are sold on blogs include electronics, books, makeup, downloads, credit cards, tech supplies, grants, freebies, surveys, and anything else that the affiliate companies deal and that google likes also. Bringing social media into the sell is equally as crucial as social sites like twitter and YouTube help drive inbounding links from high quality real and scraper sites. There are many synergistic sales services online including etsy. Etsy incorporates into blogs well. The blog establishes a complimentary brand with etsy and apparently the crafts fly off of the shelf. Go figure. An example of this synergy is the website we sell things for you. We sell things helps people sell stuff and is an eBay power seller. I suspect on first glance a sales blog would seem strange but the proof is definitely in the pudding. Blogging and selling stuff go hand in hand. Kids Things is a site that brings blogging and selling into an online social community. Kids things reminds me a lot of Sales Spider. In sales spider people try to sell stuff. I have long been a dropper of affiliate links in these types of classifieds though I am not sure how allowed that is any more. Social media marketing and search marketing are much more powerful then merely placing affiliate classified ads. On the other hand if the site allows it I would say do that too. The most effective marketing pitch is actually a passive promotion like this yoga blog. If I was considering taking a class for instance it is nice to see a blog so I can look with real pictures. I think we are out of the era of annoying stock photos from the 1920s. Hopefully. Who me trying to sell something? Get your free new apple macbook computer. I would click this banner but it is against the terms of service of the affiliate program.


Plurk Clone Script

Plurk may be the greatest social media invention. As a result it would be cool to build a plurk look alike and call it something like plirk or what have you. The site Get Freelancer may have the solution. I personally will continue to use plurk because it is fun.


Twitter Growth

Twitter is growing at an exponential rate. For people who do not know where to start with being successful online, twitter may be the best first place to start. Twitter is actually more complicated than it looks. A good resource for twitter in general is Twitip. Micro blogging may very well become the next blogging. Twitter is in many ways much easier to follow stuff. Best of all the twitter stream is fresh and its here. Sometimes something on a blog can be really old and just sitting there. Just a page in a book. Twitter is hot and like much of social media helps drive traffic to websites, makes people more friends, and is a valuable marketing tool for people interested in that. I firmly believe that twitter has not really developed and is still in its infancy. If we think back to the early days of the face book it looked nothing like it does today. The growth of twitter will also drive its developers into creating something pretty gnarly. More sites have been built around twitter than most other social networks bar a few. This is what makes twitter so powerful. Everyone is watching closely.


Make Money Online Blogspot

Blogger is a great way to start blogging. Blogger is free, is easy to use and can be left and never needs up keep. As much as many people look negatively on blogger I think it is the perfect storm. It is always hard to compete when the cost of entry is nothing. Many people use blogger to try niches or made for affiliate product sites. Others use blogger to try to solidify ideas. Blogger is never a waste of time and with top sites from blogger the possibilities are very big or good or whatever. Some great make money sites on blogger include:

1. Money Maker Info

2. Web Talks

3. Stock Tube

4. Etienneteo

5. Make Money For Beginners

6. Money Earners Online

7. Bloganol

8. Wijoo

9. Mint Blogger

10. Pinoy Deal 11

12. Great Ways To Make Money Online

13. Blogger Stop

14. Blogger Tricks

15. Call Center Blogger

16. I Bloggered

17. Money Online Thoughts

18. Blog Me The Money

19. Your Online Career

20. Webbie Tips

21. Recession Proof Life

22. The 1 Legend

23. Vlogger Con

24. How Publishing Really Works

25. Achmad Z

26. Cinema Tech

27. Marketing Expert

28. Free Internet Marketing Tips

29. Blogger Widgets

30. Trader Feed

31. SEO Tips For U

32. Earn Money From Blog

33. My Adlets

Blogger has many more great blogs these are just a few. Please leave a comment.


The Best Marketing Books

Even though the internet is a free resource many people turn to books to learn of marketing. According to amazon Seth Godin's book Tribes is doing pretty good. Tribes gets fairly decent reviews as well. Anouther popular book is Social Media Marketing An Hour a Day. This book has the complete star package on amazon. It must be hard to get not a bad review. Anouther popular book is Problogger: Blogging Your Way to a Six Figure Income. People still do not take the blog seriously so this book is for any person who does not believe in the blog power. Your First Year in Network Marketing is a basic intro to marketing book. People on amazon claim that it is basic and informative. Adwords for Dummies is a good book to read about the google adwords system. Google adwords allows people to become advertisers which is a cool perspective of online commerce when you start advertising your product and seeing how online advertising is driven. Advanced Metrics with Google Analytics teaches people how to understand google analytics and apply it to their websites. Amazon rates this book very high.
Book Your Self Solid is a good read for people who have trouble promoting themselves and their services. Many people struggle with the new forms of media that are created every day. This book may solve some of your problems. Designing Brand Identity is a good book for people who's online branding hurts their business. Branding is a key element that can generate millions of dollars which is good.
Sell Your Book On Amazon is a great book that transforms people into book rock stars. That about concludes my book list. If you have any influential marketing books that have helped you please leave a comment.


Collective Idea

Collective Idea is a site with some good programming information.


Online Marketing Scams

There are many scams circulating around the Internet. Because of this it is important to quickly identify them. Most people who spend a lot of time online will stay only on major sites and use major services. For example google AdSense is less likely to be a scam company because if it started scamming people it would make national headlines. On the other hand if a small affiliate company scams you of your earnings so what then? In the game of making money online many people prey on the whole concept of an easy button. For example just do as I say and you will make millions in one hour. Most scams are just trying to part people with their hard earned money and treasures. I say why not flip the tables and just not consume their products and they will go away. Unfortunately some people are so good at scamming they will never go away. Never trust any person online when they approach you for something. They just want to exploit you for your money, or your links from you blog, so do not be gullible. If you do reviews do it through an official review site or with companies that you initiate the review and set the terms in a real contract. Some good resources regarding net scams include:

1. Scam Busters

Please leave a detailed comment on how you have been scammed online or in life.


Multi Level Marketing Companies List

Multi level marketing lately has been getting a bad rap. There is a lot of money in the mlm game and many people want in. Multi level marketing has a hierarchical earning structure of referrals. If these companies go belly up than as people say those at the bottom loose and those at the top gain. Not all mlm companies are bad. Some may even be good. Here is a list of mlm companies.

1. Free Life

2. Amway

3. Mary Kay

Many other mlm companies exist. So if you are into the mlm game please give us a holla.


How Business Is Organized

When we think in terms of profits our expectations for business tend to be specific. Yet business looses more money each year because of its organizational practices. An example might be that a single person call marketing for a university in a basement on Friday afternoon will usually make more money and be more productive than an entire floor of a company. The reason for this comes down to motivation. A student of course wants money. But at the same time if people go to a decent school they sorta expect some intrinsic good within it. Many companies are so bad and treat people so horribly that it creates an ineffective team. Business is something that must be believed in. Google is a good example of this. They give a lot for free. They monetize off of what people need. And they run a diverse and expanding business. Google is probably the future business model for the best and brightest companies, and small businesses. We need to put more energy into creating a quality product than enforcing a silly dress code, or having long and pointless water cooler conversations. Business is also leaving the building. For example an affiliate company has affiliates that in many cases it never even sees or meets. These people work from the comfort of their home online, on the phone, door to door or other ways. People tend to be more effective when they are on their own and are rewarded for what they do. These super affiliates for example make more than many sales people ever had because of expanding the power of communications and increasing demand for an increasing number of products. Many of the most successful products were made remotely, sold remotely and are consumed remotely. A make money online book from amazon for instance follows none of the traditional product channels do. Amazon perhaps is the only traditional business link but it is more of a vehicle than a commerce driver. Amazon provides the product and people create the products and drive the marketing innovation. People market best to people because they understand numbers and the urgency to efficiently do things. The future of business is in people.


How Business Is Changing

Business is changing in many ways. Fist individuals are now more than ever running their own small, medium and large businesses. This has in many ways impacted how big business has to always compete with a growing number of people who are very mobile and smart. Information is changing. Knowledge is spreading on the Internet and many marketing strategies are simply not working anymore. People view the world differently and advertising must reflect this. Many niches are growing. Now is a time of extreme opportunity to gain big profits in niche marketing. An example online would be the free game business. Business is happening in different places. People who are many hundreds of miles from the nearest city or even gas station have increasingly better access to many of the same things people have in cities. There is no longer a real center of business. There is neither a wall street or a main street. Macro business is spreading to the ends of the earth. Business must do a lot more for the customer. People now expect better service and greater values. Many companies will shut their doors because of these simple reasons. All business will have a heavier reliance on digital and online technologies. It is simply not enough to have a website. Businesses must also be innovators online and in the world of marketing as well. Products must serve the consumer. We are no longer catering to a consumer who wants a fish but rather wants to be taught to fish. Businesses need a map. The amount of planning that business does now is not enough. There will be a need for overhaul and now is the time.


John Bogle

There are many great business blogs out there. One is by John Bogle.


Business Investment Management

It is always very important,when investing money to be extremely careful. In Internet business this is especially true. Many people repeat the same thing that is successful over and over again instead of doing research and thinking of a new online business strategy. An example of this may be someone who makes 30 different online social communities built on similar themes. To assess the profitability it is important to look at what is advertising, how much the advertising pays versus the key word density of the search query versus the general real world demand for the market. An example of this would be lets say that you find a dietary supplement for weight loss that pays 30 dollars, the search density has a billion search result for the exact phrase, and the real world market in these particular type of weight loss products is increasing than you would be wise to open up some type of site to exploit this market.


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