Is Plurk Down

Plurk is a great micro blogging social site. I especially like plurk, because we can move the time line, and see what our friends had been up to these days. I also have been increasingly seeing plurks, in the google search results. This leads credence to plurk, as a machine of SEO magic. As my saying goes, if I can not get the spot on google, with my blog, I turn to social media like plurk. Plurkable is a great blog, that is dedicated to the plurkosphere.


Business Blog Consulting

Business blogging can often lead to good stuff. Unfortunately it can also lead to bad things, that happen to a business. As a result businesses turn to consulting. It is very important, if you spend the money on this, to hire the best and the brightest minds. There are also endless free resources, on business blogging online, in the book stores, and people willing to give tips for free. Weigh your options, and do research on your business blogging issues, before handing over a chunk of change. If you are in business, saving money is a good thing. Also check out the blog Business Blog Consulting for some great business blogging tips.


Business Bloggers

Business bloggers have a special relationship with language. They use words and multi media to make points and communicate important information. Businesses need good bloggers to serve their online needs. Blog Business World is a good
blog that covers business in blogging and blogging in business.


Business Blogging 101

Business blogging is fast becoming a very important skill for all people. Whether you are blogging for your own business, or another person's, you must realize the fundamental differences between blogging and writing. Many businesses blog up too much information. When reading a blog most people stop quickly, if they can not answer the question, 'why am I reading this.' Businesses must also consider conversions, and tasteful promotions. Successful business blogging, has a general tone, and theme so customers can understand, where the business is coming from. What does the business do? What are its issues? And many other business related questions, should be addressed on the blog. A great business blogging tutorial site is Business Blogging 101.


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Apple MacBook


C++ Coding Standards


Expert Python Programming


The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software


Computer Giveaway


Good Luck Banners

This is a continuation of my post about blog banners. I hope you liked it as much as I enjoyed typing it. The old saying goes that all great blogs have banners. The reality is that most great blogs do. These banners can define branding and are worn by other blog veterans aka bloggers in the upper 100,000 for traffic and have been blogging since before blogging was invented. Do you have the right and proper banners for your blog, website or web business. If the answer if no go to widget box and develop a viral blog widget. I love widget box and wonder why I do not just go there and never leave. Well to complicate my life, making banners is confusing except that blogger buster did bust the secrets of banner creation. I am very glad that they did the leg work to make our lives easier. What a blog. Blogspottutorial does a good job on the web banners as well. What would we do without all of these free resources? Go to computer school. Read books and basically spend money when people are willing and able to teach us the tips and tricks for free all on the Internet. What a world. What a marvelous world.


Make Blog Banner

Make a blog banner. How? Try my banner maker and tell me what you think. Need more blog banner options? No Problem. Try:

1. Create Banner

2. Banner Snack

3. Banner Generator

4. Cool Text

These banners can be traded and become very viral which is a beautiful thing. If you do not have a blog check out my post on 99 Ways To Blog Free Of Charge! I love you, so please love me and leave a comment.


Make Blog Template

It is great having a template that is better than the rest. Why is this? I call it the law of wow. When people see your site and say wow they will remember the experience the rest of their days. The way to increase the wow meter is with a better template. And a great site about the template game and how photo shop can help it is Photo shop Support.


Make Blog Badge

Blog badges are a cool thing to do. A badge is an abridged linked thing that can be transferred and has some branding elements as well. Fresh Badge is a great site to get blog badges.


Create Your Own Blog

Creating a blog is the first step in learning about the wonderful world of online communications and fun. Some of the hottest blogging mediums out there are blogger and wordpress. After you create your blog your next step is to promote your blog. Communities like twitter, Blog Catalog, Reddit and mixx are great places to show others your ability to blog. Leave comments on other blogs, and become friends with fellow bloggers in social sites. This is what the blogosphere is all about.


Make Blogs For Free

Who wants to pay for a blog anyways? The best part is that if you go away for years, unless the free blogging service has taken your account out you can pick up your online weblog journal right where you left off! There are many great blogging services and they all rule in their own way. Here is a list of a few places people could go to rock a free blog:

1. Blogger

2. Weebly

3. Thoughts

4. Wordpress

5. Blogs Boom

6. SOS Blog

7. Live Journal

8. Chose It

9. Zoom Share

10. Let's Business Network

11. My Business Community

12. My Types

13. Blog Skinny

14. Blog 4 U

15. Type Pad

16. Clear Blogs

17. One Day Blog

18. Aeonity

19. Web Log

20. E Blog Us

21. Inube

22. Blog Ca

23. Create Free Blogs

24. Social Go

25. Web Node

26. Tenner Blog

27. Bust A Blog

28. Blogs 4 Me

29. 5 RU

30. Blink Blogs

31. I Blog AU

32. Blogs Torrent

33. I Mean

34. Journal Home

35. FB Hosting

36. Blog Drive

37. Blog Scene

38. Blogivists

39. WD Blogs

40. Blog Websites

41. Blog Stream

42. Any How 5

43. Create Blog Free

44. Ali Pay

45. Blogs No

46. Blog Pico

47. Pages For Everyone

48. My Dog Blog

49. Blogiversity

50. Baidu

51. Blogs Arena

52. Sampa

53. Fateh

54. Soul Cast

55. Myspace

56. Friendster

57. Ning

58. Twitter

59. Plurk

60. Sky Rock

61. Plerb

62. Create Your Blog

63. Gather

64. Blogetery

65. Travel Blog

66. I Blog 365

67. Youtube

68. Flickr

69. Hub Pages

70. Squidoo

71. Huminity

72. Blog To Do

73. Yanfas

74. Web Garden

75. Put Blog

76. Free Blog UK

77. Blogger Bite

78. Blogvis

79. My Blog Site

80. Blog N Play

81. Word Stimulus

82. Blog Gum

83. Koomunity

84. Blogs LK

85. Kizoa

86. Photo Blog

87. Com X2

88. Forumotion

89. Free MLM Leads Blogs

90. Blog Users

91. Big Blog World

92. Block Star

93. Informe

94. The Face Book

95. Picasa

96. Jimdo

97. Diaryster

98. Bravenet

99. Master New Media

There are many other blog options out there so check it all out. Also while you are at it change your cursor into a mushroom and spread the love.


Turn My Book Into Movie

So you got your blog. You have, as I have recommended turned your blog, into a book , because books are the wave of the future. Well now you say as you should, that books are not good enough, that you should turn your book into a movie. This is a complex type of thing, that many bloggers like super fast trader have talked about before. While I agree with the points, I will just say something else, because it is not worth repeating the same argument twice. My recommendation would be to go through the video sites, and actually make movies that promote your ability to make movies, and promote your blog and book at the same time. Great video sites include youtube, among others. The next step would be to start banging on doors literally, of video companies in Hollywood or anywhere else, that movies, and TV are made. Cold call these people, get in their face, and pitch your ideas. These people only care about one thing, and that is money. If you are a somebody, then congratulations, you will have no trouble turning your sweet book, into a movie. If you are a nobody you have to both prove that there is an economic viability in your story, and that you have the chops, to hang with the big fish screen writers. I am not going to judge but there are many delusional, and arrogant people in the film business. It is sleazy, and not glorious like Hollywood, or TV wants us to believe. It is a bunch of people, struggling for money, scamming each other. The secret to winning, is to scam with a smile on your face. Just kidding I think the movie industry is sweet, and I wanna be in a movie too. The biggest keys are to social media leverage, like you did for your blog, for you book, and now for your future feature film. Even if you write something, it has a defacto copy right, that don't mean there is a cat out there, looking' to rob you. Good luck my friends and godspeed. Have you heard of ink to screen and flip clips my friends? Ink to screen is what I would like to call fairy dust or what Hollywood insiders call it movie magic!


Blog Books Are The Wave Of the Future

A blogger without a book, is fast becoming what a blogger without a blog was, a year ago. As funny as this sounds, what I am telling you is absolutely true. Books are as much an essential communication medium, as blogs are. Take for instance, you are at a family dinner with some relatives, who have never heard of a blog. You tell them that you blog, but to them its like all of your hard work does not even exist! On the other hand, if you had a book, imagine the smiles on their faces when you give them a shiny copy to read. You even sign the book, so they can sell it on eBay, for a profit. This is fast becoming a beautiful reality, thanks to companies like Blurb and Share Book, revolutionizing the book business. You are the Shakespeare of blogging, and now you can become the Shakespeare of books, as well. I love you, so please leave a comment.


Turning Your Blog into a Book

Blogging and books go hand in hand. Bloggers with books make more money than bloggers who do not have books. So how does a blogger turn a blog into a book? The answer is to self publish. Many bloggers have the clout to get a publishing deal, but for people in my situation, where I do not know anyone in the book business, self publishing is my best bet. Self publishing is a surprisingly large industry in the electronic age, due to its ability to leverage Internet technologies, to generate sales. There is no mistake that amazon is big business, for first and foremost amazon, but also for the people, who promote the books on amazon, and the people, who write them. This system of affiliate sales has allowed a seemingly dead medium of books, to flourish. Books serve many purposes, to a money blogger. A book is a form of legitimacy. Getting on the New York times best seller list, or a featured book on Oprah is a big deal. Book authors have a lot of clout, in this teach me something help pamphlets, that are very common on the shelves. A money blogger can often bring highlights of their blog, and in many ways break down the systems of making money online, into a step by step process. People buy the books, this increases traffic to the blog which gets attention, and further increases book sales. This is a positive feedback loop worth millions of dollars at least, when tapped into. There is also something to be said of advertising your own book, ebook, or other stuff you sell, versus pedalling someone else's. This shows your readers, how adaptive and creative you are. Books are a giant career move for anyone. So get to it. Another site like amazon to give a go at is Author House. Anouter resource is LJ Book which is a service that turns blogs into pdf files. Also check out Book My Blog.


Why Blogging is a Waste of Time

Because it is. No I feel blogging is fine but for some people blogging is a mistake. If blogging interferes with doing, what is needed in life, or distracts people from seeing the bigger picture, I would recommend that they stopped blogging immediately. Life is crazy and blogging will not save us from our problems. Blogging will not automatically make a bad business good. Or make money rain from the sky. It just does not work that way. Blogging is a great communication medium that people, can make a lot of money from. The Blog Master tools are knowledge of blogging skills, persistence, online social skills, and a general appreciation of their work. Many people simply do not get it. If these people are just blogging because of its popularity level, or what have you, and not blog because they love the Internet, then they should get out. I am here to say that technology is not the answer. In life we have many paths to tread. For some buying a cheap or foreclosed house will make them a millionaire. For others selling flowers on the street will make them a millionaire. And still for others digging for treasure will make them a millionaire. Blogging is great, but in all honesty is no different than anything else. Blogging is an element much like a desk serves to hold up this computer, blogging serves the purpose of communication. And for the purpose of this site, to make money online. I am the biggest advocate of making money online, whatever way possible, but do not just waste your life making money online, surfing the Internet or thinking there is some deep philosophical answer lurking deep in a tech forum. Because there are none, and there never will be. Live in your head my friends and the sky will rain money.


How Do I Market My Product

Marketing is a skill. Products must make sense, and a lot of time must be spent getting the campaign just right. I firmly believe that if a marketer, or blogger spends much of their time just trying to get traffic they are throwing something away. That my friends is residual income. Made for product sites for example that are set up for a few of the same type of categories for a few products with the key information are great. These sites can be promoted and linked to. They drive profits. We must separate our lives of blogging from that of marketing in order to really understand each. Then we can bring them together with more complicated blog marketing. A good marketing site is My Easy Online Pay. It is a good quick read.


Blogs That Look Like Websites

There are many advantages to having a blog be like a website. The first being that most people do not really know what a blog is. This gives a distance advantage to people trying to make money. There is more money in traffic that is not overly familiar with the Internet versus people who love it and hardly ever log out. Other advantages include the fact that header navigation and content that radiates from the center grabs attention. The disadvantages of a blog that looks like a website are numerous. First of all people who have the main page as a landing page looks static and in disuse to a tech savvy individual. So there must be elements of movement, from comments and suggested posts, to indications of new posts made. Other disadvantages include the convention of the blog is something people are familiar with. People are more likely to bounce off of a horizontally posting, or 3d blog unless it is doing well because there are no indications of convention. On the other hand blog design will eventually evolve away from the simple layout as new ways of doing blogs come into popularity. An example is that plurk vs twitter. Plurk blogs horizontally and twitter goes vertically. People like each for different reasons. Twitter probably the more talked about of the two is actually much simpler in appearance and their is less elbow room in the post. Similar considerations must be made in blog design. For that reason blog design is a tricky subject. Few people will argue for things they like. If I said either twitter or plurk had a bad design there would be a lot of people having trouble with my words. In truth both are designed well, as there are really no rights or wrongs online as long as whatever is done is good and achieves what it sets out to do.


Blogs That Make The Most Money

There is an old saying in blogging that is 'if you want to make money go where the money is.' There are subjects, niches, and types of blogs that do especially well. This is partially tied to the popularity of the niche and the ease at which it is monetized. Many niches like the make money online niche go hand in hand with making money. Niches like music are very commercial too. And niches like celebrity get a lot of traffic and money. Certain types of sites also do better than others. If a blogger regularly reviews products and gives suggestions then the blog will make more than a person who online does occasionally because the readers are acclimated to the situation. Some of the most successful niches include one's where if people do not consume a product bad stuff will happen. The health niche for example has many angles that do well for monetization from weightloss to the suppliment market people feel moved to purchase these products because if they do not they could become sick and even die. Other niches the call to action is more subtle. For example a humor blog can do very well because many people are stuck with a lot of time to burn will whip it to various joke sites. It is not very funny how much these entertainment sites make. People want to be satisfied and amused no matter how shallow some people view that business. Other hot blog niches include business and finance. There was recently a few blogs in these niches that sold for millions of dollars. There is a tremendous demand for accurate and up to date information in the corporate world and as companies want a foot into the blogosphere bloggers will find many opportunities. The legal niche is one that has a lot of good info to be shared as well. The legal community spends a lot of money in online advertising. The call to action in legal blogs is that laws are very confusing by design so people who can explain situations and best case scenerios legally can make a lot of money online. There is really a shortage of good legal advice. People who have had any problems from traffic tickets to anything else know this. There are infinitely many good niches to blog in so it can never hurt to at least sample a few and see how well they monetize.