Blogging On The Facebook

The facebook has revolutionized online social media. It would only be fitting that a blog would cover the facebook. All Facebook has done just that. All Facebook is a great blog on a great subject.


Why is Google A Great Company To Work For

Google is one of the most well known and endearing tech companies on earth. Google started as a search engine and is now a company that does a bit of everything. Google's main revenue stream I think is advertising and other services. Google invented the world famous google AdSense which has revolutionized the Internet a lot. When on google it is very tempting to only use the search function. That my friend is a major mistake. It is good practice to check out the other google option. These other things are countless tools and services continually being tweaked 24 hours a day. Google is bigger than life. So why would anyone want to work for google? I mean after all it would seem like hard work right? That is true but their company is unlike any other. They say working for google is more like working in a large university than a gigantic search advertising firm. Google also has places to work all around the world. This is good to know in case you have to move somewhere maybe your job could follow you. Google is the best.


Use Ebay To Make Alot Of Money



Newstin is a great news site.


Hot Social Networking Site

Here are my favorite social networking websites:

1. Facebook

2. Twitter

3. Hi5

4. Blog Catalog

5. Myspace

6. Plurk

7. Digg

8. Ning

9. Bebo

10. Delicious

11. Vox

12. Blogger

13. Flickr

14. Youtube

15. Mixx

16. Sky Rock

17. Gather

18. Let's Business Network

19. My Business Community

20. Revver

21. Google Video

22. Aol Video

23. Meta Cafe

24. MSN Video

25. Break

26. Blinkx

27. Friendster

28. Jib Jab

29. Veoh

30. Truveo

31. U Stream TV

32. Vimeo

33. Jump Cut

34. Vod Pod

35. Daily Motion

If you know of any cool social sites please share with us!


Microblogging In The Enterprise

There is plenty of room in any person's business plan to micro blog. Microblogging is quick fun and painless. And best of all it is fast becomming one of the strongest online promotional methods to date. Many article submit sites take forever and the facebook is a time trap unto itself. Microblogging is so exciting that it is replaceing the email I predict in ten years. Here are some microblogging websites:

1. Profilactic

2. Jaiku

3. Plurk

4. Tumblr

5. Twitter

6. Plazes

7. Mood Mill

Many other great microblogging sites exist as well. I would recommend people to open an account in every microblogging site and social media site for that matter. Making friends and leveraging these places is important. Microblogging creates feeds that do well in search engines. Microblogging is followed by millions of sites built into it causing more traffic to compound. Microblogging is followed and hyped at least until the great programmers of the world come up with something better.


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Secrets of Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing Strategies

Social media is a pervasive and universal promotional medium and there are many types. For example Vark brings together ideas, instant messeging and most importantly a network of people. Once this information is tapped it can move along channels. Channels include modes of discovery like a feed of activity in a social community or even a app that just gives friend suggestions. Channels bring new information to people who pass it on. In internet business there must be methods of exploiting this system. That is where marketing comes in. We can literally take something that was a major fail, market it and have it be a major success. That lies in the quality of the campaign. Picit is anouther social media site of the viral picture variety. Viral sites bring ideas to the world. Being a part of these unique exchanges is what drives, business and innoation and propells it foreward to higher plains of existence. Advertisers try to get their ads into these viral sites these days. Many fail and some succeed. People have a good eye for things that just are not that good so it is very important to do a good job from the pictures down to the keywords. Networking is anouther important part of the process. Without years of immersion in all social media campaigns will fare far worse for lack of connections and a network. It is the network of people that connects the world rather than knowing every single person. Know a few well. Ecovillage is an online social community centered around a theme. People in life devote to themes, put labels on themselves and believe in something. People can be very patriotic to certain subjects like being environmentally friendly. This can create a good market to leverage if you have a green company for instance. That would be behavorial targeting. Social Communities are fun and good for business so what are you waiting for?


Ebay Alternatives For Sellers

Being a seller on eBay is both a marketing miracle and a public relations disaster. Things have to be perfect and the marketing done right to make your goods fly off of the shelf. Not to mention the hard work of moving real goods when the orders go awry. The secret to being a power seller in life is the Shop N Swap.


Business Revenue Has Few Alternatives

But I suspect that I have found at least one of them. See there is this search engine called dooblet where people can find the alternative to anything. Some of the searches worth trying are AdSense alternatives, eBay alternatives, GMail alternatives and face book alternatives. We live in an alternative world. We listen to alternative rock. We embody an alternative mode of existence, and we use dooblet.


The Best Single Social ToolBar on the NET

Toolbars are big business. Imagine If you have a website and you have tool bars for other people. These people put the toolbars in their web browser with links to your site. Imagine how much traffic you would get. Also imagine how much money you could make with a rotating affiliate like widget in the tool bar. Tool bars make the Internet to millions seem easy. Well for this article I am talking more about us being the recipient of a very cool tool bar. That tool bar is called get glue. Get glue shows you which friends of yours are on the site you are on so you can make live connections. That is what the net is about social communications. Social media leveraging happens at the tool bar level and that is especially the case with get glue. Way COOL!


15 Good Ebay Alternatives

EBay is the auction site that we all love. Coveted eBay power sellers make more money in a minute than I knew existed on earth. But eBay does have its alternatives. Here are some of them:

1. WeBidz

2. U Bid

3. Ziing

4. Usiff

5. High End Crazy

6. Go Biddin

7. QX Bid

8. Gorage

9. The Other Auction Site

10. Auction Fire

11. Live Simon

12. Wish Bids

13. Offer Me

14. Energy Book

15. Hope I Win


Business Software

Finding the right business software it tough. Google for example has many great free things for business online. It is a pretty typical recommendation of the Google Pack and other Google Apps. Google also has a great business software directory, that makes me question why I even write this information. Some other business software solutions can be found on the website Business Software which is a software company. Quicken is also another option:

If you have time to browse for software check out the web business Buy Cheap Software.


Business Software Solutions

When an Internet business starts out many times it is no more than one person or a handful of friends that love the Internet and open their first revenue stream. In the quest to become an Internet business revenue pro people find themselves going to better equipment because many times finding the right computer or software can really make things far easier for everyone. This is especially important as the Internet business grows and we have to start paying people to do things because we can not do it ourselves. If we do not get the proper software our investment in personnel will be a major waste as your friends that you hired struggle to do things online like inventory, analytics, conversions, programming, applications, coding, and anything else an Internet business need. The investment in software is usually pretty substantial. Windows Vista Business is a pretty typical upgrade if needed.

Some other software options may include SAS check it out.


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