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The Internet is a valuable tool for people dealing in the real estate business. They can both get a hand on many markets and listing without moving. Business people can quickly coordinate the sale, purchase, bartering, and lending of real estate notes, foreclosures and auction notes. For people who have done well this year online why not sink ten g into a cheap farm property and develop it. Being tech savvy is crucial in the real estate business which more than ever is revolutionized by the Internet. Countless opportunities exist in various real estate fields. One really need not have a big interest in real estate to appreciate the scope of earnings or the infinite business opportunities in any area across the world. Once a business person has rights over a property they can use it to live, as a business location, to farm or do whatever they please within the law of the area. Because of this the monetary value of real estate is largely in the intangibles. Check out Foreclosure Data and Foreclosure Deals and tell me what you find. Real estate is also a good subject for blog flipping so try starting a real estate site on word press then put it up for sale in the online website auctions. Real estate is also a profitable key word set for affiliate marketers. I have done some research and even noticed some high ppc search queries in real estate. Obviously the hot key words are extremely specific but any person in Internet business knows that when opportunity knocks check it out.


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How I Save Money

There are many great sites out there on how to save money. The reason being that saving money may be a more effective way of getting wealthy than actually making money. How I Save Money is a blog about saving money.


Not Made of Money

Not Made of Money is a good blog about saving money.


Business News Today

The biggest news today in business is social media. Businesses that do well in social media do well on the ground also. Fewer people than ever watch TV, read magazines, news papers, etc they site on their computers and go to the face book. In social media people control their life. Business plans need to compliment people and what they want. Marketers can more effectively leverage a company that the company itself for many reasons. The first being that a marketer is more influenced by the bottom line. Businesses tend to do OK even if their ad campaigns are not very good. Secondly marketers bring in a different and new perspective. Often the ideas a business have on what their products are all about can be different from public perceptions. Thirdly marketers know how to monetize online properties. Many companies like to spend more time on the products. As a result a marketer is like free advertising in a viral good sorta way. Affiliate marketing is good for business and marketers. Go figure.


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Business Cards Free

Internet business is great. Leveraging online social media is great. Making money online is great. But it is also good to mobilize the troops offline. These troops are anyone you meet, your friends, fans, and family. So what do you do with them? Plug your business. What is the best way to do this? Give them a business card. Check out these sites for business cards:

1. Free Printable Business Cards

2. Vista Print

3. Giggle Print

4. Biz Card

5. Great FX Business Cards

6. Biz Card Creator

7. Card Connection

8. Zazzle

9. Free PDF Cards

10. Over Night Prints

Business cards like telephones, hand shakes, and smiles are all an essential part of business even with the nifty Internet thing.


Money Blog Sites

There are many money blog sites out there. Some of the most common referenced money blog sites include John Chow and Shoemoney. Usually most money blog sites run on central themes. This is a result of different people making money different ways online which affects their perspective. Some money blogs are concerned with making money on the blog while others just write about their life of making money online elsewhere like on eBay for instance. So what are some ways of making money online? Host My Post for example is a pay per post type of site. Google AdSense is a pay per click advertising company. Some people talk of making money with affiliate companies like Never Blue Ads. There are whole money blogs on affiliate marketing like Affiliate Blog. A major player in the online money game now is the Swiss Money Blog. Money blogging is all about teaching people stuff, making money at the same time, and hiding the real information so people do not steal your money systems. Because of this some of the richest affiliate marketers for instance are relatively unknown except for the hummer they drive around in. There are many reasons to remain under the radar and the first one is that no body need know of you to make money. The Internet is like that we can be masked and hidden. Perhaps people still can be found out by bosses, but the general population online will not care about secret people because there are a lot of them out there. Many money bloggers blog under an alias like John Cow for instance which is a rip on the word John Chow. There is nothing wrong in this as John Cow is an excellent branding idea. Some money blog sites like Make Blog Money are more tutorial like and focus on finding tools, tricks and hacks to making money online. In this niche bloggers will get a lot of loyal fans. It is always important in the money blog niche not to only teach but to make money your self. I have an old saying that is feed the self before feeding others. There is nothing wrong with going online with the sole intention of making money. I suspect that is where all money bloggers start until they get into the mode of well I do not want to just do it only for the money. Well that is never a bad motivating factor. Musicians for instance tell people that they love music or the feel of the strings but at the end of the day the reason they slave on the instrument are the pipe dreams of becoming a super star and seeing greens come in and play for stadiums of people. Many people are motivated day to day just to make money. They go to work. Marry for money. They spend money. They think about money. I think that people take a major judgement leap when they accuse bloggers of being in it only for the money. It is money that has built the Internet in the first place. Without money there would be no YouTube, craigslist, facebook or friendster. There would be no wikipedia, ask, blog catalog, or digg. Money is a major driver of web technology and even if stuff is free the commodity of time had to be bought to create and enjoy it. So make money online.


Money Blog Network Forums

Forums are great places to share information on topics like making money online. People more openly share ideas on forums than they do on their own blogs. Because of this some of the best web content is in the forums. Many money bloggers do typically spend time every day or week in social media to compliment their work on their blogs. Staying connected can make a big difference, in knowlege, learning reader retention skills, and the level of information that people desire online. Some good forums to check out are on the Money Blog Network.


A Blog About Blogging

If you are into making money online with blogs it is only natural to read many blogs about blogging. Some of the best one's are:

1. Problogger

2. Daily Blog Tips

3. The Blog Herald

4. Bloggers Blog

5. Blog Marketing Journal

6. Build A Better Blog

7. Corporate Blogging

8. Business Blog Consulting

9. Better Business Blogging

10. Successful Blog

Also it is very important to check out various blog bookmarking sites, social communities, and directories. Some of these include:

1. Blogarama

2. Blog Flux

3. Blog Rankings

4. Blog Catalog

5. Bloggernity

6. Blog Sweet

7. Blog Point

8. Blog Hub

9. Top Blog Area

10. Blog Carnival

11. Blog Universe

12. Blogged

13. World Top Blogs

If you want to get a taste of blogging try a free blogging service like:

1. Blogger

2. SOS Blog

3. Blog

4. Square Space

5. Ning

6. Thoughts

7. Myspace

8. Twitter

9. Plurk

10. Sky Rock

11. Hi5

12. Live Journal

13. T Blog

Now that you are a blogger you will need blog tools like:

1. Typealyzer

2. Blog OH Blog

3. The Cutest Blog On The Block

That just about wraps up my blogs on blogging post. Please leave a comment.


Social Bookmarking Sites List

Social bookmarking is where it it at. Many bloggers get their career through leveraging social bookmarking sites like digg, delicious, reddit, and mixx. So what exactly to these social bookmarking communities do to take bloggers to the top. The key word is exposure. Any good blog will keep people but there needs to be some social marketing to get more people and open up their sites and services to a wider audience. Getting on the front page of digg means a lot of traffic. If this traffic comes to a good site, some of it will stay. Some of the traffic will tell other people and make more traffic. This law of explosive growth on the internet has made more than a few marketers really rich. In order to gain momentum in social media like bookmarking the most important thing to have is social capital. It is people who help you get to the top. Many marketers use their email lists, multi website communication, social bookmarking widgets in the post, etc to entice the up vote. People are more than willing to up vote great articles and usually resist with bad ones. Your articles must entertain as much as educate, and some of the most effective digg stories are really optical marketing tricks where people will digg something without even really reading it, looking at it, or caring. There are deffinitely social bookmarking tricks and people could spend their whole life learning them. Cross social media synergy is huge. Why not promote your article that you want people to dig on the 1000 other social sites that you are a member of. Doing things like that along with simply increasing direct communication with your friends and followers online can lead to potent explosive social bookmarking marketing. Some other social bookmarking sites include twine, fark, blink list, and diigo.


Social Media Jobs

Social media is a hot sector of the Internet and online industries. Social media employs a variety of people from marketers, programmers, and designers, to community police, bloggers, accountants, and virtually any job that people can imagine. Social media is so big that many companies are publicly traded. Working within social media will help people gain a better understanding of what this crazy thing called the Internet is all about. Jobs In Social Media is a whole online social community devoted to helping people find work and employment in this fast growing sector of the economy. Please join in on the conversation, and get an experience that will last a life time. Work in social media today!


10 Ways To Make Money Online

1. Affiliate programs like Azoogle.

2. Selling Stuff on Craigslist.

3. Doing Freelance work.

4. Trying video advertising companies like Adotube.

5. Feed advertising like Orange Feed.

6. Get paid to surf the net through Surf Junky.

7. Make money on Ebay.

8. Adding pop up advertising to your websites with Adversal.

9. Monetizing your twitter accounts with Twittads.

10. Get a job in social media with Social Media Jobs.

There are infinite ways to make money online. So keep an open mind and a sense of wonderment, today is your day.


Email Submit Affiliate Program

Let's take a trip back in time. There was a time that google AdSense had a program called referrals. Referrals was like an affiliate program with stricter rules. Every blogger claimed that the FireFox was the best. FireFox only was a buck but it was an easy install of a web browser at a time when many computer companies were not letting people into the new browsers. Because of supply and demand the FireFox was the new secret. Well word got out and the competition for the FireFox market got tough. In affiliate marketing we tend to overlook the programs considered freebies, email submit, zip submit, and any other program that pays small amounts of money. Yet these areas especially with the prepopable movement in affiliate marketing are gaining momentum and for good reason. It is very easy for anyone to make money because the landing pages are a form rather than a long convincing page that will not convince anyone. Some great affiliate companies include:

1. Commission Junction

2. Click Bank

3. Share A Sale

4. Amazon

5. More Niche

6. Please Add Your Favorite Affiliate Company in the Comments Section!

To conclude I can not stress enough that quick and cheap is the easiest way to make a living with affiliate marketing. Please leave a comment.


I'm Blogging That

I'm Blogging That is a great blog about blogging.



Aviary may be an online social community. Thank you Jeffzilla.