Economy Recession Report : What To Do Now

Currently there is an economic fire storm of pandemic proportions. But fear is the worst enemy of any marketer or business person. Fear is a paralysis agent that does not let us see that better stuff does exist over the rainbow. Doing nothing will produce nothing and lead to doing more of the same. It is true that people do well just chilling at home, blogging, uploading videos and finding their passion. But often limiting ourselves also limits our ability to learn. Being online allows us to travel and still work on our projects. Why not start a travel site of your journey. The AdSense will make residual for the rest of your life. It is like making money having fun. Why not move somewhere else, anouther city, country or to some remote place and concentrate on your ideas. Write a book. Your passions and the people you like will carry you. So will persistence. Never give up. On the surface it may seem impossible to succeed online. Its a scam. That is true. But to someone who is in it for the long run the tables will turn. You will figure it out. It happened to me. Never linger on any site or concept. Keep moving and follow what interests you. What you have available to you, and where you want to go in life. For me it is all right here. I love the net.

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