How To Run An Online Business In An Unstable Currency

When the economy does crazy things, so does the currency. In this situation it is smart to look to alternative forms of reimbursement, as well as residual income streams that need not take a lot of effort. For the former I suspect it is a good idea to test markets and see where stuff works. Also online there are many currencies including traffic counts that can help you build momentum for when the currency strengthens. But also look to barter embursement. For example try to get paid in gold. That way that value will hold a little better. Any other suggestions? Now lets get to residual income. Self serve ads are better than ones you pick. That way they always change and targeting is simpler. On the other hand general serve ads may not do as well as sponsorship, as well as deep promotinal pathways which are keys to making a deep online income. Tell me your thoughts.

- Joe Gelb

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