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The advantage of having your own internet business is that you can do it part time and from anywhere until you get on your feet. Most people have an hour a day to build contacts or post to a blog. Through the years you will build on static and dynamic content as well as professoinal relationships. The internet is a residual place where automated advertiser sign up or ad companies like google adsense give people the ability to make money even when not working which is the whole point of the online business. Personal branding and social media are also huge. Bring yourself to the table and sell your services, because everyone else is doing it. And finally the ability for you to promote your stuff in a residual way will make life much easier. So why do almost all internet businesses fail within the first hour? They do not work because people do not use all of these wonderful resources as tools. They are a means to the end and not an ends to the means. The hypertext is you friend and a valuable skill in the promotional funnel. Markets and trends are always where the money is. So you want to start a blog? Write about your favorite type of cars or ice cream. Those are really profitable topics. If you want to sell stuff take you skills to sites like ebay and have at it. Promote your passions, talents or whatever. Use your mind and always be on the lookout for new secret money making strategies.

- Joe Gelb

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