You Only Get One Shot At Getting Your Reputation Right

There is a temptation to go out there and shake things up. But just sitting back and being extremely attentive to the people who come to you is key. This is how people fill each blog post with millions of comments. They foster deep relationships with the people who come to them. But if people go out and disengage people, they will be written off as a spammer. Sure there are many trolls and spammers who are born again and do well. But if you want to build a business and have an explosion in followers on social media then it is best to take advantage of the abundance that is handed to you instead of thirsting for the big people and the popular people. Every web celebrity has millions of requests for people who want shout outs from the somebody. But the way to get that is for them to see how well you foster your community however small. This will get you write ups on big blogs. This is where your success will come from. Your ability to play yourself and open up dialogue is everything.

Joe Gelb

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