Why It Is Best To Just Use Many Different Social Media Sites In Addition To Blogging

The classic wisdom goes spread the love. If you are a blogger, do some social media or if you do Myspace check out Twitter. There have been recent questions as to the relative safety of word press the worlds most popular blogging medium of pro bloggers. This is just a major problem of the net. People can mess with it. They can steal your domains. They can hack your blogs. They can flag your social profiles and get them deleted. The net as a tool is more powerful than using the net as an ends in itself. This is the most apparent business lesson ever. Even the tech folk bring something off line on. It is the bloggers who are hit the worse. They depend on some type, hyper text, and media in a strange looking space ship to carry them consistently into the sunset. If you do not use the net as a tool, think of sales funnels, marketing, branding, relationship building, among other things you will just get burned and sad. So it is time to make more made for AdSense sites and not take the medium so seriously. Get your money from streams all over the place. Just imagine a billion tiny creeks of water draining into the lake of your money pot. Woot what do you think?

- Joe Gelb

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