When You Do Anything Online, You Are Really Positioning Your Name

There is something very subtle about doing stuff online. Like I submit an article to Digg. Ten people view this article. One person diggs it. By the account of most SEO, and marketing gurus my campaign is an abysmal failure. But ten people saw what I did. They noted my name which is Joe Gelb. The make a general assessment of my work. And we all move on. One year later. I am still submitting articles to Digg. This time 20 people view the article. 2 people digg it. In effect I doubled my brand power. Afterall the two people who clicked the article also display that in their profile awhile. Let us say that I am a newbie and for that year I submitted 500 articles to digg. I gained a thousand profile views. This is not exceptional but it is also doing well. So now lets jump to 5 years later. We now submit an article to Digg. Our inner circle of core friends and followers diggs it 100 times consistently. This is in no way a feat in itself but sets up a viral effect for any considerably good content. Now fast foreward 10 years from our origional first year of using digg. We now consistently get 1000 diggs per submission. Being a power user now brings considerable profit and brand holding power. Now in reality if we use social media cross promotions, and sales funnels as I have been talking about the sky is the limit. But always remember to build your reputation one person at a time, or this scenerio is physically impossible.

- Joe Gelb


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