When Giving Up Is Ok

Even if you draw 100 percent of your income from an Internet business, it is important to not take the online world seriously. As people we need real experiences to drive us fore ward or we can become emotionally stagnant. Growth is necessary and many times people come online as an escape rather than use it as a vehicle. Also we all run into times when our blogging tires. Then it is a good time to find real experiences that inspire us back to the grind stone, instead of using the Internet as inspiration. Blogs or their traffic never totally goes away. Dead social media profiles still get friend requests. The residual nature of the net makes leaving it completely possible. Many times people leave notes, or farewell videos just to communicate what they are doing and how people can reach them. These are common and especially so on certain years when people had been surfing the hype and needed a break. If you remotely think you want to quit now is a good time to take your vacation from the Internet.

Joe Gelb

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