What They Say Is Meaningless, Debunking Social Media Myths One At A Time

1. There is much talk among people about being in with the tech adaptors. What does this mean? Just follow and friend the people with the most money and social capital? Are those people and what they say really that valuable to business? The answer is probably not beyond a general educational level but the myth still perpetuates that the influencers on Twitter or Facebook are where it is at. I believe this is a myth.

The most important people to friend are actually ordinary people, because they have a bigger and wider sphere of influence among more real friends.

2. Secondly social media is revolutionizing communication. This is false. Social media is just a good and new communication medium. People are communicating the same stuff in a new language. The same principles always apply. Be good. Be polite. Be helpful.

3. It is essential for a business to be in social media. Most businesses leave a footprint from what others generate. Because of this it is not essential for a business to be online at all. On the other hand if a business wants to weild a useful tool for promotion, and the building of social stripes than have at it.

4. Fourthly deep relationships matter. This is false. There is a disconnect between dealing a product or service and being social on the net. People can be more social than a butter fly but if their product is horrible they will loose anyways.

5. A major part of the online revolution is merely bringing content to life and not bringing life to the content. Think about that then leave a comment.

- Joe Gelb

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