What Do You Think Are The Properties Of A Good Internet Business

The more correct question is what are some goals you want to obtain from your Internet business. Here are some of my thoughts

1. Increase visibility, and brand recognition which will attract better things in life.

2. Magnetic for money. A great business is like an ATM machine that just spews out money with little or no effort.

3. Have qualities of integrity that will preserve the sales cycle instead of exhausting it.

4. Offer exceptional value to the customer.

5. Be extremely informative and enlightening.

6. Have a strong social media presence.

7. Be more than a fad.

8. Look good.

9 Be about the people who built it. Hopefully the customer can see and comprehend their personal brand.

10. Have a mighty find blog and inter web content.

I left many of the elements out that create a good business. The reason is that the web now is about you and interactivity. Just me saying stuff is not enough. Now it is your turn to do your part and contribute to the IBRPRO establishment. Add what you think a better Internet business is all about. What do you do with your business to transform it from great to excellent? What advice could you give to people starting a web business? Any shout outs?
- Joe Gelb


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