Staffing An Internet Business

Hiring decent people to help you with an internet business is about as hard as adjusting pay. There are many ways to go about both. Here is a list:

1. The auction system - Basically the you or the people you hire try to set a price. You negociate a bit until a compromise or winner is reached. Then you move foreward.

2. The set pay to industry standards - Basically you look up the average pay for the job, adjust for factors and that is what you stick with.

3. Pay minimum wage - This is a popular bar of businesses looking to save a buck. Afterall there is always someone who needs work.

4. Start low and increase at percentages based on ammount of stuff done and performance.

5. Do not pay them. Rather pay them in experience, recomendations, links, and other forms of non monetary currency.

6. Pay them an above average salary to attract competition for the position.

7. Have them pay you. For example you could run a small school that teaches programming. Then the advanced students or graduates are obligated to work on your online businesses.

8. Some kind of barter deal.

The list goes on but this is a good starting point. I could go through the pros and cons in this list but the most important take away point that is self evident: 'How you pay and treat people has a huge impact on your business, brand, and ultimately how the public percieves you.' Getting rave reviews from people you hire and your customer is key. People who work for someone that they love will naturally talk about it. The can bring your business to many people by word of mouth and with their online friends. So in some sense who you hire is integral with how you want to market and project your business.

- Joe Gelb

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