Profitable Internet Business

There are many paths to online prosperity, but your success depends largely on your mind and how bad you want it. Lets look at some profitable online business models.

1. Social media site owner. In this model a person who can build websites and construct software and programs creates the next Twitter. The site gets buzz and traffic. In the case of My space and Face book the sites are powered by advertisements, charging for internal economy rights like app privileges and pretty much any way the market dictates. Twitter on the other hand arguably the most influential social media property on the net, is still looking for ways to build quality into the monetization. Basically the owner realizes that more good will come his way even if the site eventually goes down, because of his free contribution to the community. (This is the result of an actual market force.) This benefits Twitter in multiple ways, namely that it can choose its own biases. Twitter as a result is free from fickle advertisers and businesses that try to mold the Twitter brand.

2. Social media and blog site user. This model reflects programming your life into the matrix of the web. Sites like the Huffington Post, Perez, Mashable, Tech Crunch fall into this category. Basically they position themselves in the online media and communication frenzy, earn their stripes and rise to the top.

3. The secret marketer. These people exploit the systems with their cash flow secrets. They work behind the scenes, teach people stuff, and even help the big sites do better on the net. They focus on what is hot.

4. Auction expert. These people get and sell products online through sites, stores, and auctions. Doing this requires customer service, and communication skills, but pays well. Reputation is everything here.

5. Entertainers. These are people with YouTube shows or creating entertaining sites like the fail blog or lol cats. This is one of the most profitable online niche.

There are many more paths. Which path are you taking to build your own online prosperity? Do you have any ideas, tricks, tactics, or strategies that I did not mention?

- Joe Gelb

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