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"If I do not push myself than someone else is going to push me"

Most people begin a new internet business with that in mind. Basically it is far easier to work for one self, than for other people given the fact that one knows how to build a home based buisness economy. Unfortunately most home based internet businesses fail because the people do not have a clue and never educate themselves in the countless online resourses and forums. The other reason the businesses fail is that people spend so much time distracted reading fake make money online sites and listening to music that they never just do what it takes. If you sit back and wait to learn without getting your hands wet you will never make it. Keep in mind that your first blogs, ebay shops, video channels or whatever will fail miserably. This is normal. It is important to always ask 'where is the money?' My best adsense niche site for cash made money on the first post. A successful piece of the puzzle works like that. It will create residual and continual results. I can then build on that site into other niches. Some successful and some not. The only stat that I pay attention to is the bottom line in adsense, nothing else matters. The average person may hate the ugly blog, its content, and laugh at its lack of traffic. But if I showed the roi value of the adsense ads they would really start to love the idea. In a similar way people hate my youtube videos but would love them when I showed them my now defunct site that got into the top 100,000 for traffic from it. I am not a genious just into marketing and business. See that is what it is always about. Just picking a thing that you are into then doing the things to make it successful rather than just doing things and camping out until the results will come say 10 years later. Anyone who is online long enough will become moderately successful. The question is do you want to be successful based on other's action or even more successful based on your own action, tactics and business plan. I choose the latter. What do you think?

- Joe Gelb

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