Money Is Really Not That Important

There is an unspoken but commonly known rule. Basically if people work specifically for money they end up making none, and working the rest of their life. On the other hand if people work on doing the things they like, going to the places they want to, and being around like minded people, the rest takes care of itself. There is really more than the laws of attraction here. After all, is money really that important to get stressed out over. Probably if you do have to exert yourself, for no real gain you are in the wrong game, just saying. Take a vacation. Move where you want. Drop out of school or enroll in college somewhere. Quit your job. Whatever. Do what it takes, because opportunities are always there, even if they do not exist where you live or with the people you associate with. Many people have a big thing about hanging out around town, keeping it real, and true. But most successful people are always out trying new things. Going to new places. Meeting new people. What is new and exciting, is always where the money, and lessons are. When things are familiar we start to go into a state of entropy. Basically the energy in our life gets out of balance. Our order and expanding conscience shrinks. Then what? Today is the day to break every habit you have. Today is the day to break every thought that you have. That is it. Tell me you thoughts.

- Joe Gelb

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