Materialism Is The Root Of All Evil

Materialism is commonly shown to be a powerful force in uprooting people's ability to see the world and their lives for what it should be. People often identify themselves with what they have, do, or have achieved. Unfortunately this is a weak foundation to build a life with. After all what if we were to loose everything tomorrow. The question is would we have the ability to pick up, go somewhere else and start over? Or would we be trapped because we no longer feel legit? In reality not every person looses everything but most people have obstacles, drama, and tragedy in their life. These are things mostly unavoidable. We can do the things we want. Live frugally. Make choices that get momentum to get us from A to B instead of being trapped by dogma, the cards, or fait. Most people can agree that things do not exactly work that way. After all many people have issues in life but how we deal with them has a big influence on our returns and the value we get in living. Take for example 2 people. One person starts a blog about camping. They do have to post and send in media from the woods but they do get to live outside. Then there is a person in an office working for a boss. Initially that person makes more money but in the long run there may be a shift. Maybe these shifts do not always pan out but there are ways to increase the odds including gaining proficiencies, always expanding and finding new things to drive life foreword and not back to the beginning. What could you do to change your life? How would that make you feel?

- Joe Gelb

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