Internet Cafe Business Plan

If you want to generate leads through social media than you have better read this post. The single most important thing that you can do with people is to contact with them and get their email information. Not only do they need to give it to you but also tell you what they want specifically and when they want it. This way you do not risk your reputation putting things out in front of people.

Secondly you need to have traffic for the sake of traffic. Marketing goals are important but often looks better with heavy social traffic. This is the widest part of the sales funnel and the general capture stage.

Once you have done the previous two things of grabbing traffic and getting emails the next step is active bi weekly communication. Basically send out a news letter every 3 weeks or so that has a clear beginning and an end. Basically you can do the news but also have a second opt in news letter that is informational. Finally after about half a year you will send out the automated letter than requests the 3rd opt in. Then you will market to people with basically good or services that adhere to their needs and expressed desires. At best your suggestions are just that.

But it may be more important to just communicate even at the bottle neck of the sales funnel. What do you think?

- Joe Gelb

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