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I am not exactly sure how paper magazines and catalogs are faring these days, but if your online business does publish off line you may still be at an advantage. The question is how can you leverage magazines to help your online business. One way would be to leverage the paper, by sending out your fans free magazines. Maybe you will also try to sell something in them. But really the true goal is to create a buzz around your brand. Also you are reminding your audience that you are a real business and not just a website. The magazine environment can also be translated into people's blogs and contents. After all if the online world wants to really totally overtake the zine industry why not mimic it a bit. Some of the top media sites have a magazine type of theme for easy navigation. So like I could scan the cover page and find some interesting articles related to environment issues, or technology depending on my taste at the moment. Functional design in magazines will continue to influence the web in big ways. While contemplating how to incorporate the magazine world into your online business plan why not go over to Website Magazine and grab some info about building sites. (my favorite topic)

- Joe Gelb

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