How Will You Package That

Recently when buying soap I took notice to packaging. The brand I usually get split the package color between purple and white. Obviously the white symbolizes youth while the purple is a color for visual attraction taken from the red in the mix. While the hint of blue in the color purple is like the cool feeling that the soap leaves. In effect this bottle used descriptive colors. As we all know the game of the Internet is that of description. Leave a precise description on a YouTube video and people can make sense of it. Appropriately decorate your sites and people can live within its communication. Nod to your individuality as a person and people can appreciate it. I believe that packaging of your online goods and services and this includes your profiles and sites, must all be tailored to an idea or meaning. This anchor is what great marketing is built upon. Without meaning through packaging you have nothing. And your content is a large part of that packaging.

- Joe Gelb

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