Do You Have A Successful Internet Home Business ?

If the answer is no than here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Build up contacts, and friends get to know people.

2. Take info from people who readily hand it over to you. If they do not than study marketing to get this to happen.

3. Link up your web properties to increase traffic across them. Then link up to a sales funnel where your properties are the outside of the funnel into the conversion zone be it some product you get a percentage for or whatever.

4. Turn your passions and talents into money. Make a video or 2 million of what you do best. This can get you the much needed eyes, traffic and clicks.

5. Learn about ways to monetize your sites through advertisers, advertisements, and any other way.

6. Constantly self promote yourself and your links across the web. If you want to get famous in a funny YouTube video you made, make ten thousand more videos that hyper link back to this one video in the description. This will build up hits on the one video. You can do the same with blogs or anything else on the web. Use the tools for traffic.

7. Learn how to make things like lead generating and advertising more effective. If most people just passively do these things without the necessary skill they will fail generally because these things on their own are never enough.

8. Personal and niche branding are a very important piece of the pie.

9. Taking the time to always learn and try new things. This means checking out every social media site at least occasionally and spreading out a bit beyond Twitter.

10. Just realizing that most Internet home based businesses fail because most people lack the drive or the knowledge that it is important to do more with the tools than just post a few videos, or blog a bit than quit.

To conclude the tools are out there and are completely free for you to be successful from home. It is just a matter of making sense of it all. Learn from people who are more successful than you. Then learn some more.

- Joe Gelb

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