10 Ways To Explosively Grow Your Blog

It is easy to get blog traffic, but explosive and sustained blog growth is even more of a challenge. When you get this growth, you will find a general propensity to be more successful online. Some of the good results include an increase in blog comments and reader interaction, you will gain authority in your niche, and your ability to influence the blogosphere will increase. Here are some of the best blog tips that I have ever heard from people in forums:

1. Hyperlink to your blog, and its wonderful posts in social media. This can include places like the description of YouTube videos, in your actual profile and many other places. Be sure not to spam this, but having people discover your blog is a major part of building up online attraction.

2. Put yourself out there. Be yourself in your blog. But also bring that talent that we know you have. Many people are reluctant to let loose online because there is a lot of negativity. I say just do it. And do it well.

3. Search engines and social media are trend based mechanisms. It may help to cover major media trends in your blog. For many bloggers they even will have a post a week on popular Twitter threads or hash tags and what they did and learned from it. People like this type of stuff.

4. Create a good volume of content. Videos, keywords, words, phrases, and frequent trend surfing are all your friends. Most people if they just stuck with posting every day or every so often eventually say six years down the line would be sitting pretty well blog traffic wise.

5. Discover new blogs, and socially participate on them. The goal is not to seed the traffic of other blogs, but rather bring meaningful conversation to their site. This usually should bring the author to your site. As a result there will be a social media affect across blogs which can build buzz. Not to mention the comments are good for seo.

6. Mention celebrities. Celebs are the most tried and true traffic drivers that I know of. People really love articles about them.

7. Vlogging, live radio, podcast type of content is becomming very much the norm. These things will help your blog game very much. It is always important to extent what you do into powerful media forms.

8. Get a decent short winded domain. There are too many bad domains with great content. These bloggers unknowingly hurt themself. The branding, seo, and viral potential of a blog starts with a catchy name and domain that can be passed and remembered.

9. Try not to destroy your reputation. Do what ever it takes to maintain a great reputation. Even if this costs you initial readers because you could not publish some negative story, you will win in the long run.

10. Marketing, brand building, sales funnels, and promotional paths are key in the blogging game. A blog is really a business. Treat it like that. There is no suprise that professionals have embraced blogging more than most people. The reason is that blogs are in essence made for getting ahead in life. They give all people some kind of chance.

That concludes my list on how to capture the juicy blog traffic. Hopefully later I can talk about conversions. But whatever. Tell me what you think? How do you drive traffic to your blogs?

- Joe Gelb

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