Why Monetary Goals, May Sabotage Your Ability To Corner The Social Market

Recently I had a great conversation with a friend about the various marketers and spammers of yesteryear online who have ruined their reputation forever. Their issue is that they never added any real value to their social media contribution and just tried to sell stuff. For the people who took the bait no real benefits occurred. As a result these marketers created an army of people with global voices who do not like them. Granted any superstar marketer is generally a web celebrity, the question I ask is how far does that get you?

Marketing online is like going to different social events with different people in each. In a real life social and family gathering would you really lead in telling people about your lead generation business and why they have to buy it, or would you just generally shoot the breeze and talk business, and life? The latter is probably the most accurate answer. If people are attracted to you then they tell other people. The word spreads and you get social cred. As this cred grows so do contacts. It is then important to locate those contacts that are important for you business. You may meet people with resources that may be helpful to you and you have stuff helpful to them. Creating symbiotic synergy is an important momentum building tool.

The next step in building up relationships is investing in the long haul with people. This would include building up a rapport via private messaging of any type be it email, phone, in person, or whatever. Building long term relationships is important if you want to go big and make a lot of money. Unless you do not want to be successful.

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