Why I Have No Desire To Make The Next Big Online Video

Recently some person commented on my YouTube video about how to make a viral video. The comment was along the lines of 'do you really think this video would ever go viral?' He made a good point but I never intended it to be the next number one video on YouTube type of experience. Rather I put a hyper link in the description that people would click and check out one of my profiles. The video was nothing more than a self promotional sales funnel. But this video in my mind served a purpose rather than just going viral. I personally have more respect for the people who consistently turn out winners than the one hit wonder in the viral video world. The difference may come down to marketing, content, brand recognition, value, and social media leveraging. See to be truly successful at viral video it is important to approach it with strategy like those trippy sales funnels I always love to talk about. But I personally use video more as a social tool. YouTube has many great people to socialize on. Meeting people is what it is all about, rather than making the next number 1 viral video, unless you desire that!

- Joe Gelb

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