Why I Believe Internet Marketing Is Not Really Legit

Exploiting markets is ultimately how people make money. Marketing is a currency of our society. Look at real estate investors ultimately they find markets, then later have to market stuff. On the Internet the same rules apply. If you want to make money the easy way the most important thing is to read the markets and understand the market forces. But when people market the profession of online marketing they miss the whole point that marketing is about selling stuff, and making money rather than creating some program that is a secret and should be passed on to the next person. These pyramid schemes are the perfect storm for the person who invented them but for the people who promote them they are less than optimal. When marketers brag about how well they do the context is always to sell a product. They need social media and helpers to create artificial demand. What I am saying is if you want to do well go beyond those pictures of raining money and find actual markets. And do something that could make you a revenue. I am just saying.

- Joe Gelb

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