Why Following The Herd Will Get You Stuck In Traffic

Recently I felt the need to drive cross town to do something I always wanted to do. On this rare day I woke up particularly early and was up and out. I already bought my groceries and was fortunate to have a fresh breakfast. I jumped in my car and taxied back into the main artery of traffic. I hit the ramp of the expressway not seeing a single car and really brought the car to speed. On the highway I did not see a single car and expected to get my 29 miles done in about 15 minutes. I went up a large hill. When I was at the top the sun really was blazing in my eyes. I through on my shades, turned up the tunes than bam! Bumper to bumper traffic. It hit me that I was a complete fool for expecting to get through town at the same hour every person on earth was trying to get to work. To make a long story short the gridlock was so bad that I wasted a tank of gas and had to camp in a gas station for 4 hours! I was trapped only a mile away from my house! Pretty much I wanted to go see a nature preserve and I got stuck in the concrete jungle and my day was pretty much ruined.

Very similar stories happen in marketing when people try to compete in overly competitive markets. The moral of the story is to check out the competition in any market you are trying to get into or else you could just be fighting too many people for too few resources. That means you wont be making any money.

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