Why Are There More Internet Millionaires Than Physically Possible ?

I do not want to take away the whole fact that money can be made online but many people claim to be a millionaire. In reality most millionaires, and people with money systems would not be posting content, and selling things on how to do it. The reason comes down to competition. Also if people are rich why work right?

At the same time someone new to online marketing might be easily fooled by these scams. The biggest joke is that the real markets online are in actual products like selling golf clubs for instance. Like a niche blog about light bulbs will probably make more in AdSense than even the best make money online site on earth. The gurus that do sell off of those sites often do products not related to the mmo industry because unless you can really leverage something the market is just not that strong. Do the research. My best money sites are on market topics like diet and exercise, products, and other related things that do well with affiliate marketing and AdSense. I could see a really good marketer making a million hitting some hot markets but to do so would really take something special.

So why would I or anyone want to make a mmo site? The simple answer is brand building. If you know something about making money online, why not honestly help people, and build your social capital along the way. This will improve your life,etc.


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