When Grandstanding Will Get A Marketer In Trouble

There is a fine line between building a strong brand that really projects well into the web community and just basically grandstanding crap. I have seen more marketers ruin their reputation doing the latter. I recently read on a bunch of Twitter tip blogs that the only way that one can get more followers is by littering the web with you link, and secondly by doing crazy attention getting things. The problem I have with this is that often contests alienate the audience. I get especially annoyed when many of these online gurus that I once liked outline the contest with words like because I am XYZ (famous) I am able to hook up my new Twitter followers with the newest Apple Phones and laptops. I find these contests very irritating and at the end of the day they impress the impressionable but I end up un following these so called Internet celeb marketers. It is just so annoying. I believe there are much better tactics and things to give than junk which include your time, your talents, and helping others succeed and enjoy life. I have nothing against giveaways but couldn't someone think of something a little smarter than these promos, because they cheapen the business brand.

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