What Is In A Second Chance ?

All people seem to fail. But how we deal with it often determines our ultimate life path. Decay is a sorting process. For example a failed musician might be motivated to go back to school, to ultimately work a regular job, and have an ordinary life. Equally someone out of a job now in this economy might consider getting into an entrepreneur job like real estate short sale. Mistakes and failure can often propel us to the next level. There is always a take away from people and experiences that is more valuable than any book. A neighbor of mine for instance remarked that school and jobs often were a waste of life. I believe there is wisdom in simple common sense thoughts like that. Often we are stuck in processes like going to school or grinding out a job that exploits us. We often loose sight of simple priorities and simple truths. Some people for instance are so wrapped up in their family that they do not realize the opportunities that will come to them if they go out on their own. Other people often realize the basic truth that there is really just a bunch of bad advice out there designed to propel people as consumers rather than producers and sellers which ultimately produces the money. I believe it is extremely important for people to take an honest look at their personal economics. I am not talking about what you could be earning in ten years with that raise, or your dot com blog sells for millions. Rather what is happening with your money today. Are you making enough to pay bills? Are you dependent on others? Are you in debt? Often simple solutions can solve major personal finance problems very quickly. For example moving money from education to real estate, stocks, and other high yield business ventures is never a bad thing to try. So too is blogging on your passion. Many people have talked about that and it is a dead topic. The reason is that the most profitable blogs are few and far between. The people who really make a lot of money off of the net use blogs as a tool rather than an ends. And hence my made for AdSense revenue streams. I for instance went on vacation. The economy was tanking but I came back and realized a blog had paid for the money I spent. Cool right? That is what an entrepreneur is all about. Honestly I have seen the houses of kings but I am never impressed. But when I think of my personal finance and learn the knowledge and skills to control it, I develop a level of empowerment. Now I can go camping and drive in some money through some viral mobile videos. That is why I like the Internet. It connects people and I can roam much of the country and still get it. Any city in my country is game, and anywhere with a signal is mobile and connect card game. For the people who have access to the Internet, are very blessed. If you do take advantage of it. Make that money rain.

-Joe Gelb


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