What Gets You Fired Up

The mind is a complex device with more twists and turns than any fairy tale. But there are specific triggers that can drive people to be more motivated, productive and generally feel good about themselves. For some people it may be a song, for others it may be taking a walk. Whatever the case may be, it is very important if we want to succeed in online home based businesses that we are always finding things that keep us going. For blogging as an example people are generally more successful if they keep up a site about their passions rather than just a dull made to make money site. One of the greatest skills I believe is to know when not to work. If you take a day off for instance will your brand really be destroyed? That is the beauty of online business that even if you have to support customers, you can always have someone sit in and do the work for you. This person may be someone that you have never even physically met!

A common goal should be productivity with no price to the self. This means being productive but prioritizing things that are important. If you for example believe that you are wasting you life leaving comments all over the net for in bounding links, you probably are.

People often get caught up in the up to the minute aspects of the internet and forget about quality which can not be manufactured. Quality is taking the time especially when communicating with people. Really getting to know folks better than most people do. Doing this is effectively getting the edge online even if you only use it once a week.

- Joe Gelb

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