What Drives People To What You Are Selling ?

We live in a world bombarded with information from all angles. If you are trying to market something as easily as possible why not market something that moves itself. For example creating a sales funnel to a landing page for a freebie. You may online get a buck but multiply that dollar by a million and you have a million dollars. This is not that unusual in the interwebs to do that. Now imagine a product that fills a need. For example people have medical conditions like back pains. They are more likely to buy your product because they really need a solution fast. That is an artificial demand. Coupled with insurance covering back problem products you are basically marketing a freebie. Lets go even farther to not marketing anything online. This is the new trend of marketers because they can more more mouth to mouth, email to email, phone, to phone when people want it. That way you do not anger the consumer and have the ripple effect of mobs of people spreading the word that you scammed them. Just some thoughts.

- Joe Gelb

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