Social Media Makes It Easier For People To Find Others Of Like Interests

In social media active users for instance will not think twice about following someone on Twitter. You may familiarize yourself with them. Communicate. Read their blog. Then you may choose to take it to a different format like chat. People finding us, is often more powerful than us finding people. Why? Because we are not limited by our actions. We are already familiar with the results of what we do. But when other people produce a result we are often enlightened. I am interested in real estate. So some times, someone who is big into the real estate world, with a great blog, will stop by. Thus the burden of discovery, which was traditionally hard work, is lifted off of my chest. Let us remember the limitations of auto discovery, being the fact that we look for things, that we already know much information about. In this way social media reprograms how we get, use, and process information. Much of this info was once sold, is now commons and attributed to its author in real time. This further tailors out judgment, to feel out the motives, of any particular thing. Often I will mail people stuff and ask them what they think. This further improves my interpretation of the information. Why? Because I know for a fact that my friends do not work for the company that may put fake reviews on the net.

- Joe Gelb

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