Say What You Want To Say : Be Controversial, Interesting, And Inspirational On Your Blog

As a marketer one of the most powerful blogging tools is being creative in your subject matter. Often people fail to express the real points that they were trying to make. I do not know if people get caught up in key word analysis, link bait magic work, or just the day to day of having to do something in the world of blogs, and the Internet. Many marketers refer to the ability to effectively communicate in writing as copy blogging. At the core of communication and meaning is the art of effectively communicating within the ambiguity of language. The word business for instance is very general and has the connotations of some person with a blue suit on. The word entrepreneur has a connotation of a person working from home on some small scale money making project. And finally a marketer has the connotation of a person who works for a company trying to devise ways to more effectively sell things. In reality we can pick apart these words to mean many things. Details, adjectives, and verbs often build up ideas. I would have a better time writing a specific article than something more general. Our minds often want to say things, that in reality we are unsure of writing. Many times these can become our most viral articles. For instance the classic 'How To Make Your Business Fail' type of title is exceptionally powerful in the viral world. Or make it more specific like 'XYZ Is The Reason That All Blogs Fail.' Like a really defined song where a singer need not really try, a very explicit and negative perched title is slightly tainted or controversial. These types of things do best because the force the reader to think. The Internet is full with mindless stuff that pretends to be interesting. Your obligation to pull in the reader is essentially your best article marketing currency. Why are you interesting? What ideas do you have that interest people and garnish a reaction?

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