Product Placement Sucks, Unless I Do It And Make Mad Cash

This may be the most random blog post ever. Maybe not. Recently I was watching a video on YouTube with a favorite sports celeb. I noticed something very interesting. The ads were generic. I realized the sport did not relate well to video advertising. The market was not big enough for a direct targeted ad. So how much money was made? I think we can all agree that the header on the front page of YouTube takes some bucks. And generic advertising does not pay well per person. The assumption is that the add attracted the volume necessary. It was a real blow out. I must admit I liked what I saw. The video was unsubstantial but funny and perhaps what I needed at the moment. The marketing lesson is that a fairly funny video with a celeb will do well in generic advertising. The other lesson is that I fell for it but at least I know it did. If you want to get to know marketing, study how stuff is marketed all around you. That is all I have to say. I won't be pushing too many products on you lol.

-Joe Gelb

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