No One Can Compete With Success

The game of social media has destroyed barriers of entry into media success. As a result anyone who with the right tools, and worth ethic can be extremely successful. Most people who operate social media, do so with no intention of being successful. Some of these people do well. Others enter it with fervor but burn out quickly. These people leave the net littered with what I call half sites, and dead profiles. Then there is a 3rd group of people who invest steady time into learning the tricks and tools. Over time they build a following and get some blog traffic too. These are the people who reap the rewards of social media whether it be a monthly affiliate check, a book deal, or a higher paying job. I believe you can be in the 3rd sub set if you put your mind to it.

Some of the tools that you need to get to the top are blogging, videos, email, and something to contribute to many of the various communities across the web. Find your passions and develop them.

You will not need a road map. There are signs that will tell you how to succeed. Follow the messaging and you will do well.

The big secret is that the more successful you are online, the less competition you will have. Because of this the top is the best place to be.

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