Making Things Happen

Generally to be successful in life things must develop. They do not happen in a day. They also might take some vision, which refers to the general law of impracticality. Basically anything worth having in life is impractical to get to. Most people actually could for example travel around the world on foot but do they do it? Some people on the other hand consistently choose to inspire. Their goals are not always rooted in blind capitalism. But rather they make a choice to be different and help others. I believe the quickest way to get the ball rolling is to put it in your court. Than the things you want will come to you rather than leave you. Life is a series of let downs, and it hits people. But some people just choose to get angry and on with things. Some people choose greatness, great schools and paths of life. While others wallow in the webs spun by others. Chasing an ordinary and mediocre life. I do not want to sugar coat that simple point. If we are to be successful it is important to call things as they are and move on. Some of the biggest obstacles to success exist of the mind reacting to influences like parents, friends, and society. Pipe dreams are still dreams. We really do not have much time. I am convinced of that, but wasting a lot of time should not be something that people do who want to be successful. It is all about movement to new places, people, and things. Seeking out a real journey towards things of significance. For some people significance is found in gold, others it is just energy. One of the most important times in the life of any successful person is when they fail miserably, and the wheels have completely halted. The world gets dark. And everything is wrong. This defining moment happens in every single person who has wanted something better in their life. It is perhaps what drove million miles of journey, and long nights of philosophical deliberation. Some of the most disturbing thoughts that people have include some of the realities of life. That it is short, that it is mostly about petty things, and that it only has meaning if we assign it meaning. But I also believe there is a lot of fake meaning floating around out there. Many people are positioned to mess with the minds of others for the sole purpose that they can. These people are to be avoided. And sometimes it is not so obvious. People often become numbed into following instead of leading. Instead of making their own stuff they follow others thinking it is the answer. When the real answer to our lives is in our footprint, in what we do, and the journey that by design is developing us into what we want to become. The outcome in my mind is obvious. We must strive to be inspirational. To do this we must be wholly above the influence and not swayed by the pliers of society to do what they want. We must move fast and efficiently like a cheetah. Good will come if we make it happen and not sit back and expect friends or money to come to us. I honestly believed as a kid stuff like that would just precipitate. It tends to get worse rather than better. Instead it is important to take initiative and go out there. Fail day to day trying to contact people face to face for friendship. If we want love to ask for it. And if we want to inspire to ask for that too, because none of that will come. According to the laws of attraction there is an action component that is extremely essential that few people talk about. In order to attract abundance we must go and lasso it in.

-Joe Gelb

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