Justifying The Online Money Game

As more and more people flock online the question I have to all of us is how we use the time on the Internet. Commonly people need something. They are trying to fill a void. Make some friends. Take over the world. Whatever the case I always ask people to evaluate the justification of their time on the Internet. Trying to make money online for instance is noble but if it is distracting you from bigger and better things offline than it is really a destructive mode of operating life. I personally believe that strong business and marketing principles can over come life's obstacles, without extreme knowledge or skill. I believe there are paths, and funnels that can make a champ out of any user. It is to the end of victory that I want for you and your time online. On the other hand how you can push your boundaries in the world ultimately defines your ability to succeed. My real question is how can you push yourself into new spaces, meet new faces, and ultimately win at new stuff. The Internet is always here and if you blog or make videos that stuff will continue working in a residual manner so you could effectively pause your online life for a period of time then later return. Some people would call this a hiatus. Many musicians for instance after a great tour will quit while they are ahead to bank off of the psychological high. I personally find that if I get in my car and go somewhere perhaps 3,000 miles from where I live and try a new life, even if I fail and return as I often do I am inspired by new things and experiences. Ultimately the people around us catalyze who we are to become unlike anything else. It is for that reason alone that I recommend a healthy dose of social media to meet the people that will teach us the important lessons of business and marketing. The beauty of the online matrix is that for someone like myself who has always been tentative about running into business situations, I am accumulating vital communication and life skills online. This means that I am more likely to be successful getting what I want in the real 'world' than I was say in 2007 before I took network marketing and search marketing seriously. Basically the Internet changed my life and gave me a skill set that school does not teach but marketers share freely on the net. These funnels, branding, self advocacy, positive attitude engineering, and social capital can help vault any online marketer into the real world if they just dare leave their computer. If you feel the need to be connected consider getting a better mobile device so you can take the basic functions of the net anywhere.

So what kind of skills do people need in the real world to be successful?

-People skills: Dealing with people effectively boils down to communication. How you communicate defines you. Do you want to lead or do you want to be left behind? Be bold. Be fearless.

-Risk management: The art of taking tremendous risks comes with consequences. The best way to manage risk is by psychologically preparing yourself for the inevitable failure and the great lessons that it will teach you.

-The drive to win the game: I would hate to break people's bubble, but if we do not play the game, someone else will play and beat us at it. There are many different games that I refer to but ultimately winning the game means running our race, being appreciative of other people, and loving ourselves. Victory goes to the happiest people generally. Money makes marketers happy but so does learning new things which ultimately is the genesis for money rather than hard work.

-The willingness to listen and learn from others: Life is full of messaging. Generally the more muted the message the more important that it is. No one really wants to give away the secrets but people like me and a few others openly share what we know. I am not a guru. But also I am not a liar. Find the real people. They exist. Then pass on your success to others. We are all in this together. The only real competitions are the ones that we create. Spiritual collaboration drives business rather than selfish pursuit.

I believe that the game is won on foot as well as online. Your skills of the Internet are fully transferable and really in demand. The whole secret is taking them to another level so people can see your success and want to be on your team. This way you can be your own boss and not take orders and sell out what works. The world and its challenges exist for the sole purpose of your success, life and happiness.

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