Is Twitter Really That Important?

Twitter is great but the real question lies in the THAT. Many Twitter users would greatly benefit from getting off of the service once and awhile. Why? Most importantly would be to produce content not affiliated with Twitter. That way if Twitter is bought out and dismantled and all users loose accounts your business, or brand will be safe. But we can do all media forms as a part of the Twitter family 3rd party apps and sites? This is true but to say Youtube does not have a vibrant community may be the understatement of the century. See for many people on the web Twitter is not central but rather a supplimental communication device. Many of the best Twitter marketers recommend only Tweeting a few times a day so people actually listen to what you have to say. This differs markedly from people who tweet thousands of times a day. Lately with the issues Twitter has been having I have serious questions about how reliable the service can be. According to a recent Read Write Web article, tweets are actually not stored on site after a certain ammount of time. Even though they may be somewhere deep in cyborg space, they probably will not surface as effective and viral content. So where does that leave us? I believe that we are left with a few facts:

1. Twitter content is less long tail every day.

2. Blogs and other microblogging services will help expand your audience and brand in ways that is not physically possible on Twitter.

3. Social media is complex and big. One avenue is a huge mistake. Get on the video sites, blog, throw up photos on picasa spread the love.

4. Traditional Email and Google wave are expanding communication capabilities in ways that are far more profound than professional communication on Twitter. Because of this bring off your contacts and dig deeper. Meet them.

5. Innovation happens fast. If you are not trying the million sites out there that absolutely rock than you will be left behind in a year I can guarantee that.

To conclude Twitter is big this year, but it ain't everything.

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