Is Social Networking A Fad ?

The matrix of people to people communication is not a fad. People will always need to communicate, meet up, touch and talk. But in the scheme of technology and the net much stuff is nothing more than a fad. For example the mobile device I was using in 2007 is a joke by todays standards. So where has it gone? Who knows. If I turn back the clock even farther to my memory in the 90s with huge computers, it makes me wonder about the future of technology in general that what we seen in our windshield never predicts the future. As computing goes into the cloud for instance and open source evolution speeds exponentially. Anyone who does work on the back end of computers, and stuff knows the fast pace that things evolve. Websites for instance a year ago were totally different than they are now. Scobleizer among other online influentials push the matrix in different directions often. Then people working making the stuff that we use evolve and adapt to the trends to make a buck. As a result we have seen many modes of life online rise and fall. Social media has been around for a sizable ammount of time now. I remember when I was a little kid in the 90s everyones parents doing the chat rooms lol. Only the big kids could do that! Well I did it too and it was hilarious and cool. Really the human touch has remained unchanges and now that we are staring down Google wave something similar to chat but just a little better. Could that real time hotness really change the game that much? Really not. New stuff is always exponentially limited until we can cut a few generations and evolve to serve the actual demand versus what a few people want these applications to be. In that sense without getting emersed in technology our perception is exponentially limited to benefit us. But when we dive in we realize what a part of life and 'culture' technology has become. It really controls us in much the same way that television did. We fall into predictable patterns where we get our information and how we think about the world. The crashing of walls among many people who have embraced technology is an exponential benefit. But I do believe that we will hit walls and the hype will fall and so will benefits. All empires fall that is a fact. Even more so technological empires are rare and short lived. If we look at the evolution of technology through time it is non linear. Because of that it is pretty safe to say that we will probably one day loose the net like we did the TV and that even that we may loose and go back to the basics. Looming on the horizon is the use of bots, viruses, and automation in social media to mess with the business as usual. We have alread seen this where an attack put out the networks for a long period of time, effectively destroying my ability to communicate with my Twitter contacts for instance. This in my mind foreshadows what will come. Things will get harder rather than easier. Probably a coupling affect is the apparent fall in social engagement on the major networks. Most marketers would say that this is just the disallusionment curve and that we have nothing to fear. Afterall people who call doom and gloom tend to ring that bell more for recognition if it happens and is not evidence for necessarily. I have other theories that could bring down the social web. 1. The ammount of energy required to run the internet is tremendous. Could this limit the future of that technology. 2. Could the use of robots substitute people very quickly. 3. Other reasons

My bet is with fad. What do you think?

- Joe Gelb, Signing out lol.

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