Information Technology Versus Business

Computers and technology are in an upswing. As I grew up with computers I became very disappointed in technology. But these days computers, and mobile devices are much better. The world wide web is generally easy to use and designed for mass use. That makes it an ideal environment for entrepreneurs and business. But there is a flip side to this, and that is the most important people, ideas, and opportunities actually exist in the real world even if you are for example an expert at building websites. Technology does help bring people together but it is still important to go to them. It does not hurt to grab a bike or fire up the car and have a power lunch. It does not hurt to make offers in person. And it does not hurt to be educated in a real face to face environment. That does not mean that the Internet has not revolutionized real world communications. Quite the opposite is true. Technology is a major driving force of trends, where people live, what they wear, how they talk, how they think, etc. We are entering an era where many people are flocking to the Internet in search of things. And search engines have proven futile in such pursuits. But rather the interaction between people and organizations has led to a greater development of gathering the stuff that is needed. Like what is the best school within 60 miles of where you live. Social media would have your best answer. And the college usually has a detailed and well constructed site designed to drive home the social conversions.

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