If You Promoted Yourself As Much As You Promoted Those Looser Products You Would Be World Famous

Winning the market games comes down to promotion, effectiveness, ingenuity, and integrity. What does all of that mean? Basically marketers wear them self sick trying to sell some tired product door to door online. Do not waste your time. Instead waste your time doing self promotion. This will bring the views and engagement. When the people come to where you want the engage them back even modestly and they will love you. This applies to all online and offline media. Win the people game and everything else is much easier. That is the whole point of life is to make it easier. The big life secret is that working hard is a waste of time. You are more likely to be successful if you invest in your friends and hold them close than lock yourself in a dirty old room and expect to see the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Because if people are not throwing themselves at you then you are doing something wrong. Your branding is off. Your investment is social media is sub par. And your understanding of the systems is futile. Follow me on this journey and you will see the light. Also check me out on Twitter because I will be thinking of you.

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