I Dare You To Be More Social

Many people when they think of achieving success, they imagine locking themselves in a small room, and working until millions of dollars roll in. Unfortunately for this model most people end up doing a lot of work and little success. They often turn into a victim, and lash out at people who do not understand where they are comming from. In reality most people succeed simply by being inspiring, and hanging around inspiring people. Say what?

Here is the thing, people thrive around other people. It is what we are wired for. Our physiology loves nuture, and when we are around people who stoke our success, all of our prophesies get fullfilled. When we hang around other people, our deepest and most brilliant ideas come out, in ways that few people could get just with a few exchanged words in an attempt to expand an 'us' network.

We are very lucky these days, because the internet brings together webs of brilliant people, who were once isolated by countless factors, but now can share ideas, in an instant. Because they know of each other, they can meet in person and furthur their dreams, goals, desires, while having fun.

See most very successful entrepreneurs, though their time is ultimately the most cherished thing they have, would not think twice about having a night out with friends, family, or fellow entrepreneurs. This balanced life is one that is full of changes, big ideas, and big success.

Meet some people. They don't bite.

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