The Difference Between A Social Media Leader And A Follower

This world can be defined into roughly two people according to interviewers. Those categories are roughly leaders and followers. Obviously in the corporate world hierarchy and a military dictatorship type of rule is extremely common. The twitterati enforce a similar pecking order. They divide the Twitter world into the people who enact change and those that accept it. As a social media guru if you invent you will win more followers if you change things than if you follow in the path of others. Leaders show their followers new and novel ways of looking at things and how to use Twitter in such novel ways that it has the rest of the world scratching their heads and trying to figure out what caused the change.

What do I see the future of leadership on Twitter to be about:

1. Inventing more communication and tagging systems besides the classic and now annoying hash tag (which looks like this #)

2. Leaders will revolutionize the way that profiles are designed and interact with the world. Many apps and sites are evolving to help with this.

3. Leaders are able to innovate over the matrix of information to the point that they rewrite history.

4. Leaders have followers that actually listen to what they say and do not just react to their actions.

5. Leaders help incorporate Twitter into the web and the web into Twitter.

6. Leaders will guide their followers safely to the next big thing. Real social media wizards do not hurt people, that is part of the magic.

7. The Twitter team listens closely to what the leaders have to say, then get busy making the changes requested of them.

8. Leaders do not compete for space or followers but rather redefine reasons to interact with them.

9. Leaders influence the Twitter api.

10. The leaders know when to stop.

In conclusion you could become a leader on Twitter if you just try hard and learn the ropes. That would be cool.

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