A Competitive Shift In Business

Recently a protest of an unstated health food grocery store, whittled down its reputation in a way that we have rarely seen in the history of business. The shocking part of this story is that the issue was brought forth on social media. The Internet is more powerful than individuals once were. If you get enough friends you are like the master of your domain, or sub domain. Really but this can come back to us if we are for instance the herein company. Or can it? I suspect my reputation for instance is more fractional. More succinctly the people that like me do and those that do not have their own entitlements I guess. But at the end of the day I wonder if what happened with the grocery story could happen to an online personal brand. I would say probably not. People always have redemption, and online sales are not related to being social in the case of a true expert SEO. What do you think?

- Joe Gelb

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